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Using the attached Request for Proposal, please analyze the document as if you were in the Sales Department at a DMO. You will need to pick through the information provided to answer the following questions that are crucial to the sales process:

1.Who would be considered the DMO's Client in this case?

2.What do the attendees of this conference do for a living? Be specific, list industry segments for both "planners" and "suppliers"

3.Why do attendees choose to attend this conference? Think holistically - why would YOU want to go to a conference?

4.What dates are being considered for this opportunity? (I know it's slightly out of date! :))

5.The RFP lists a lot of reasons for / benefits to a destination for hosting this event - in your own words, how would a destination benefit from a conference like this choosing their city?

6.How many total room nights is this conference?

7.As you look through the "required support" section, what 2 things jump out to you as potential "hot buttons" for a destination?

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Request for Proposal: World Education Congress 2017, 2018, 2019 MPI is looking for a partner in creating our annual World Education Conference, an unforgettable experience showcasing best practice in event design, education and demonstrating a commitment to sustainability. The scope of this request for proposal will be to select destinations and venues for 2017, 2018, 2019. The successful partner will demonstrate their ability to deliver upon MPI’s Brand Promise – When We Meet We Change the World. Contents of RFP: BACKGROUND ............................................................................................................................................... 1 BENEFITS TO HOST CITY ................................................................................................................................ 3 GENERAL REQUIREMENTS ............................................................................................................................ 4 HOTEL REQUIREMENTS ................................................................................................................................. 6 SUPPORT AND SPONSORSHIP REQUIREMENTS ............................................................................................ 8 FUNCTION SPACE REQUIREMENTS ................................................................ Error! Bookmark not defined. PROPOSAL TIMELINE & PROCESS................................................................... Error! Bookmark not defined. TESTIMONIALS ............................................................................................... Error! Bookmark not defined. COMMON QUESTIONS ................................................................................... Error! Bookmark not defined. ADDENDUM: SUSTAINABILITY QUESTIONNAIRE ........................................... Error! Bookmark not defined. BACKGROUND A. What is MPI? Meeting Professionals International (MPI), the meetings and events industry’s largest and most vibrant global community is committed to delivering success for over 20,000 members worldwide by providing innovative knowledge and learning experiences, connecting people and ideas, and creating rich marketplace opportunities. Founded in 1972, MPI delivers global human connections through its 71 chapters and clubs in 86 countries. Seventy-one Fortune 100 companies are represented in MPI membership. For more information, visit B. Why host WEC Hosting an MPI conference has both a direct and indirect impact on a community, with MPI’s economic impact approaching $6.5 million. The event also offers a city a full year of exposure to an international audience of potential customers, including promotion through MPI’s web site ( which attracts more than 561,000 visitor sessions per month; mass distribution of MPI printed and electronic conference promotions/materials; and appearances in trade and local media. Hosting three to four thousand meeting professionals is an outstanding marketing opportunity that will strengthen a city’s professional reputation for facilitating excellent meetings and will ensure strong customer awareness for future business. The typical attendee ratio is 47% planner and 53% supplier, with each planner’s average annual budget in the range of $2.5 million US dollars. Collectively, MPI’s planner community accounts for approximately 640,000 meetings annually, with the buying power of the planner attendees themselves totaling more than $2.5 billion. From a recent survey (2013), we were able to determine some detailed information on their type of events. The supplier members provide services in more than 35 countries. Surveys show that 94 percent (%) of MPI members prefer doing business with other MPI members. Industry events such as this require a high level of support from a local community. Therefore a prospective city will agree not to host another meetings industry related event during the six months before or after WEC. C. Conference Overview At time of RFP release, this is the current schedule. As it is critical that we continually adjust our event design to deliver a high quality, interactive event, format and design elements may change. Friday • Pre-con educational sessions • Pre conference destination tour(s) RFP for WEC Saturday • Pre-con educational sessions • Chapter Leaders Forum Sunday • Opening General Session • Educational Sessions • RISE Awards & Lunch Page 2 of 10 Monday • Optional General Session • Educational Sessions • Hosted Buyer Program Tuesday • Educational Sessions • Promotional lunch for next WEC May 9, 2019 • Future Leaders Forum • Pre conference destination tour(s) • Offsite CSR Project • Opening Reception • MPIF Event • All Attendee Lunch (can be in Market Square) • MPIF Event • Closing General Session • Closing Reception BENEFITS TO HOST CITY A. Two years prior: • In general 2 years prior: o Press Release to announce site selection o Appropriate website placement o Notation on the industry calendar on MPI website (if applicable) B. One year prior: • At the WEC 1 year prior: o Sponsor of the next years Promotional Lunch ▪ Control of the stage, speaking time, entertainment for the Promotional Lunch (all costs responsibility of host city) ▪ VIP seating for up to 30 people during lunch ▪ Logo placement and description of the lunch on the website ▪ Opportunity to offer giveaways during the lunch (optional, at the cost of host city, MPI to approve item) o MPI to provide the final list of attendees after WEC with mailing addresses for use o Opportunity to do a room drop to all attendees (optional, at the cost of host city, MPI to approve item) o 2 invites to Chairman’s Reception o 4 reserved VIP seating at all General Sessions o Inclusion in the all-sponsor signage on-site o Logo recognition with hyperlink on event website (sponsor recognition page) o Logo recognition and/or listing in conference publications o Space in a common area to promote next years’ conference in your city; actual space determined year to year based on total space available; all costs are to the city o One story about host city in the Daily newsletter • In general 1 year prior: o Post city and dates on the website o City name is included in the logo o WEC meeting logo with city on WEC home page as soon as site goes live o Host City web page from the WEC site. Host city to work with MPI marketing. MPI to have final approval. o Joint Partner promotions with city and media o Opportunity to mail a promotional offer to build attendance for WEC from MPI President to members (all costs incurred by host city and subject to approval by MPI) o Host City able to offer a pre- or post-FAM, at city expense C. Year of WEC: RFP for WEC Page 3 of 10 May 9, 2019 • • At the WEC: o Opportunity to play host to MPI’s largest gathering of meeting professionals o Up to 3-4 minutes for the host city to inspire the Opening General Session with a live presenter or a video (any video costs at host city expense, subject to MPI approval) o Recognition as host city in Opening General Session o Option to insert something in the Registration Bags (if applicable); MPI to approve item o MPI to provide the final list of attendees after WEC with mailing addresses for use o Opportunity to do a room drop to all attendees (optional, at the cost of host city, MPI to approve item) o 15 WEC complimentary registrations – to be used to invite their own VIP’s o Host Committee Chair receives 1 full complimentary registration o The Host Committee Chairs each receive 50% off registration (up to 8 total) o 10 reserved VIP seating at all General Sessions o Inclusion in the all-sponsor signage o Logo recognition with hyperlink on event website (sponsor recognition page) o Logo recognition and/or listing in conference publications o Inclusion in the all-sponsor listing in the onsite conference daily newspaper o Listing in the post-conference article in The Meeting Professional o 30 minute press conference o Incorporation in all releases re: WEC where applicable o Access to media attendee list o Access to press release drops, FAQs, etc. o Contribute spokespeople for local SME list provided to media o Space in a common area; actual space determined year to year based on total space available; all costs are to the city o 8 free tickets to Rendezvous and Big Deal, other MPIF event o Story in the Daily newspaper about host city o Opportunity for CVB to record a welcome video to be used multiple location o Host City Partner Editorial Highlights of Host City in Daily magazine o Logo placement in Daily magazine o Host City and partner logo ID on Signage at Opening Reception o Host City and partner logo ID on Signage at Closing Reception o One time use of WEC attendee mailing list (company, title, name and address) o Icon on the mobile application In general the year of: o Post city and dates on MPI’s website o Integrate quotes from host committee into all major announcements/releases o Utilize spokespeople in our media outreach o 2 page editorial spread highlighting WEC and the city, month to be determined by MPI o Inclusion in the Thank You email Note: All benefits are subject to change or replaced with something of equal or greater value. Appropriate representation will be executed across MPI’s communication channels and digital mediums: publications, website, newsletters, releases and social media (as needed). GENERAL REQUIREMENTS A. Venue MPI’s event requires a convention center or large hotel property that allows for 15 concurrent educational workshops, general session, hosted buyer appointments, registration/global village area and daytime RFP for WEC Page 4 of 10 May 9, 2019 meal activities to be held in a single venue. Multiple housing venues are requested. In order to showcase a city, use of unique venues is encouraged for off-site networking events. B. Dates (for 2017, 2018, 2019 WEC) Suggested dates are as follows. The conference is held Saturday through Tuesday, with major arrivals on Saturday and departures on Wednesday. 2017 June 3-7 June 17-20 2018 June 2-5 June 16-19 2019 June 1-4 June 15-18 C. Function Space Rental for MPI MPI requests complimentary space rental for MPI, as well as complimentary patch fees. Guaranteed pricing on all convention center services, including food and beverage rates, is required 18 months out so MPI can budget properly. For the purposes of our comparisons, include the 2014 rates of your Center for the following: For simple cost comparisons, include standard prices, including labor and taxes for: • • • • One (1) Internet line One (1) Gallon of coffee One (1) Dozen cookies One (1) power drop Also, include any additional discounts on Center services. D. Code Compliance All facilities must comply with certain codes and policies designed to have a safe and equal experience to all attendees. • Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance: Any facility in the United States used for housing, meeting and/or special functions must be in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations. Non-United States facilities must be able to provide disabled conference delegates the same access to venues and housing as is provided to delegates without disabilities. • Smoke-free environment: For the enjoyment of all, meeting facilities should be smoke-free. If there are areas where smoking or tobacco products are allowed in meeting, housing and/or special venues, please provide that detail in response. • The Tourism Child-Protection Code of Conduct “The Code”: Special consideration will be given to venue and housing properties who are a member of The Code or who have established a written policy and procedures against sexual exploitation of children. E. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) MPI embraces the triple bottom line of people, planet, and profit as is committed to being sustainable in our meetings and socially responsible citizens of the world. MPI needs a point person(s) in the city that will be able to help drive the CSR initiative for the meeting. It involves all areas of the event – the city, the convention center, the hotels, off-site venues, transportation etc. We recognize that industry guidelines for CSR and sustainability are constantly evolving. Presently, we are focused around improving our event policies and practices in line with three international standards: • ISO 20121 Event sustainability management systems – this process-based standard informs the way we manage sustainability within our events; RFP for WEC Page 5 of 10 May 9, 2019 • • APEX/ASTM Environmentally Sustainable Meeting standards – this performance-based standard provides much of the criteria that informs our sustainability goal setting; and Global Reporting Initiative Event Organizers Sector Supplement (GRI EOSS) – this reporting framework informs the way we communicate our efforts and outcomes after the event. At the end of this RFP is questionnaire for sustainability. The questionnaire incorporates the Level 1 requirements for the APEX/ASTM Destination Selection standard, in addition to other sustainability considerations that MPI has identified as integral to planning a more sustainable event. Please complete the questionnaire and send back with your proposal response. F. Membership It is requested MPI’s main sales or service representative at each location (hotels, convention center, CVB) be an MPI member who has attended an MPI conference. This understanding of MPI and the convention will help deeply as the pre planning goes on. G. CVB Contact The main lead at the city should expect to be fully focused on the MPI event starting at 12 months out to coordinate & orchestrate the event. H. Tax Please include the current tax rate and hotel tax for your city in the proposal. Please include any pending or proposed tax rate information that is available to you. Successful bidder will commit to advising MPI within one week of any changes to current tax rate information. I. Preliminary Host City Budget Include an initial budget on how the city will be able to manage the financial impact of hosting an MPI event. J. Venue Cancellation MPI will review the quality of the sleeping rooms and function spaces on an annual basis. Should any housing or meeting facility fall below the quality standard observed by MPI at the time of the contract signing, MPI reserves the right to require standards be improved or to cancel the contract without penalty. HOTEL REQUIREMENTS A. Overview Single accommodations constitute more than 90% of MPI’s room block. Rates are to be flat, run of the house. Single and double rates should be the same. Confirmed rates are to be guaranteed at time of proposal submission. A 21-day cut-off (from the Friday before the opening general session) is required. Reservations received after that date should be accepted at the group rate on a space available basis. Note that a low rate is extremely important. This is a meeting where the attendees have to look at the entire package and decide to come. They have to balance air, hotel, registration, incidentals and time out of the office to make the commitment to choose MPI. The lower hotel rates helps in marketing and selling the meeting to potential attendees. In addition, the attendees are all members of our meetings industry, and they know how to get the best possible rate in a town. Commission? TBD RFP for WEC Page 6 of 10 May 9, 2019 B. Minimum Specifications The following are minimum specifications for the overall block and related concessions. All hotels responding to the RFP must comply with these minimum specifications. • One complimentary room per 40 rooms occupied over the entire room block dates. Complimentary rooms earned but not used are to be credited to the master account at the single conference rate. This is to include all rooms – no matter how booked (could be corporate rates, internet rates, etc.) MPI is not required to pre-assign the comp rooms. • Suites: o A complimentary suite above and beyond the complimentary room allowance (Thursday to Wednesday) at each hotel. o Three complimentary presidential suites (the best of the house) above and beyond the complimentary room allowance (Wednesday to Wednesday). o Suite Upgrades (approximately 60) to suites at conference rates for MPI International Board of Directors, Foundation Board of Trustees, selected VIPs and speakers (Thursday to Wednesday). • Discounted sub-blocks: o Staff & Speakers: 50% off MPI’s group rate for staff and facilitators/speakers, approximately 100 rooms needed between all of the hotels selected. MPI pays for most of these rooms. o Hosted Buyer: Discounted room rate for Hosted Buyer planners, approx. 300 rooms, estimate up to 50% discount. These rooms will be where MPI assigns the planners that are qualified to participate in the Hosted Buyer program, guaranteeing. This guarantees a hotel will have planners in the hotel. MPI pays for these rooms. o Students: One hotel in the block to either include 30 rooms at a 50% discount, or a hotel that is designed/priced for the student traveler. MPI pays for these rooms. o Press: 15 rooms that can be divided between hotels or all at one. Note press pay for their own rooms – MPI just encourages them to stay at the press hotel(s) to make it easier to coordinate press tours, etc. • Ten (10) complimentary room nights from each hotel in the block for pre-planning meetings, based on hotel availability. • Complimentary parking for one car in very accessible space at each hotel for MPI security. • Complimentary delivery of MPI’s official conference publication at each hotel (Saturday to Wednesday); indicate room drop fee for additional deliveries. • Complimentary meeting room rental for MPI, if using any meeting space. • Complimentary delivery of MPI in-room amenities. • Complimentary use of the ‘dark channel’ on the in-room televisions for MPI programming. • 10 % discount on audio visual, if meeting space used. • 10 % discount on food and beverage, if meeting space used. • MPI’s standard contract will be used, and hotels must agree to no attrition. Note that special consideration will be given to hotels/hotel chains that have been MPI members and supporters of MPI or the MPI Foundation. C. Room Night Pattern Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed 20 60 160 900 1860 2000 1900 1420 80 **Note that the Friday block will depend city to city based on airlift or attractions. Thu 20 D. Attrition and Room Blocks RFP for WEC Page 7 of 10 May 9, 2019 MPI makes every attempt to contract for the appropriate number of room nights and to manage the block to avoid attrition. However, please note the following statement is standard in MPI hotel contracts: Room Block Attrition - It is understood and agreed by the parties that the Hotel will not assert any fees against MPI or withdraw any of the complimentary concessions outlined in the Agreement should MPI hold the Conference but fail to utilize the total room block as outlined in Section 1.1 of this Agreement. The hotel will cross-reference the MPI registration attendee list a minimum of four (4) times before the conference to assess if attendees have booked a hotel room outside of the block. All rooms, regardless of rate or how booked, will be added to the total room block for both history and 1 per 40 comp purposes. Please offer creative ideas to minimize leakage from the room block as MPI is committed to working with our partners to drive occupancy to preferred properties. E. Registration & Housing History Table shows room block history on actual usage. YR City WED THURS FRI SAT SUN MON TUES Attendance 13 Vegas 40 193 948 1606 1680 1607 1213 2539 12 St Louis 27 111 658 1180 1224 1181 860 2145 1 ...
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Surname 1
The Destination Marketing Organization is an entity which is accountable for marketing a
precise place, tuning and making it appealing to clients. It is used as a credible partner for the
Meeting Professional International. It is because the Meeting Professional International is a
global enterprise which contains members from 86 countries totaling up to 20000 in number. It
also comprises of seventy-one hundred fortune company that signify themselves in the MPI
Who would be considered the DMOs client in this case?
These are the participants of the World Education Conference. They include participants from
businesses, schoo...

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