A paper on the effects of the human species on the planet

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Write a paper of at least 10 pages. Include research-based facts, graphs, diagrams, etc. Write on the topic of the effects of the human species on the planet. Consider impact on land & water usage, pollution, food resources, health care availability, climate change, energy programs, and methods our species can prevent any and all the negative effects of the previously mentioned backed by research of different countries or companies/organizations that can result in a government-backed solution.

Use 12-point font in Times New Roman. Single spaced.

Include a sources/bibliography page that includes scholarly or expert sources.

Straight plagiarism will result in zero credit and a detention.

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Running head: Human activities impacts

Human Activities Impacts

Human activities 2

There are several effects of human activities on the surroundings. One of the most
common effects is the increased pollution and emission of greenhouse gases, depletion of natural
resources and contribution to the changes in global climate.
Water pollution
Excess inputs of nutrients are one of the impacts of human activities especially in the
aquatic systems. Nutrients such as phosphorous and nitrogen are very important to not only
survival of aquatic animals and plants but also the health of the two. Due to increased usage of
fertilizers, humans have today introduced nutrients in large quantities to the environment. Due to
such nutrients, the quality of water is reduced rapidly thus causing overgrowth of some algae and
bacteria that can only survive though oxygen. Besides, these nutrients can also be transported
downstream to many other streams, bays and rivers. This is indication that these nutrients may
have severe impacts even in far areas from where they were introduced.
Water pollution can be prevented by first reducing water wastage. It is because of the
energy that is used in pumping, heating and treating the water. People should avoid disposing
chemical wastes either from households or industries in water sources or catchment areas. Oils,
liquid medications and garbage should also not get disposed in waters. With the employment of
these regulations then water pollution can be reduced greatly.
Air pollution
Human activities contribute the largest part in pollution of air. A good example is the
increased combustion of fossil fuels for motor vehicles, power pumps that pumps large

Human activities 3

quantities of pollutants like nitrous oxides, carbon monoxide and ozone into the earth’s
atmosphere. There are other pollutants such as compounds of lead which are associated
with serious health problems like cancer, birth defects and reproductive effects.
Air pollution can be prevented in various ways that human specifies can practice. One of
the primary factors is to reduce burning or garbage or wastes to reduce the smoke
released to the atmosphere. It can also be prevented in limiting the use of transportation
machines that release gases to the atmosphere. People should look for environmental
friendly cleaners to avoid emission of gases that may pollute the air. There are many
other factors that human beings can do to prevent air pollution as similar as other
Change in climate
According to the agency of US environmental protection, activities of human beings have
contributed the largest part in increasing the temperatures around the globe especially as
a result of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that are emitted to the environment.
This increase in temperatures is leading to changes in where crops may grow and where
some animals such as fish may be found. The increase in the global temperatures is also
responsible for melting of the glaciers and release of waters cause sea levels to rise.
These phenomenons are responsible for threats that are seen in the coastal economies and
communities who rely on coastal resources.
Impacts of human activities on water and land use
As a result of human activities, the water resource is today facing serious threats. These
threats includes pollution, sedimentation, deforestation, urban growth and changes in the

Human activities 4

landscape. Degradation of the ecosystem is one of the most serious threats on water
resource. In most cases, degradation of ecosystem usually occur through changes in
landscape like clearance of the forests, the conversion of natural landscape to the land for
farming, building of cities, building of roads and even due to surface mining. Each
change in the landscape is associated with its own specific impact which is usually
directed to the natural ecosystem or to the water resource.
Aquatic ecosystems for example are greatly affected by water sediments. This is because
sediments usually occur naturally in the water bodies. Due to increased usage of land
changes and agricultural purposes, these sediments are today being produced in large
quantities. Activities like clearing of forest, building of roads, farming and mining can
put too much particulate matter and soil on rivers. These sediments end up harming the
plants send even animals through carriage of toxic chemicals in water, smothering of
small organismal and eggs that are used as food fish, rising of water temperatures and
reduction in the amount of sunlight that penetrate in water
Sediments may as well reduce the capacity of reservoirs and the make it difficult for the
ships to navigate in waterways. This therefore means that it can as well damage the
equipment that are used in supply and installation of hydroelectric plants and as result the
cost of maintenance is increased.
Water resources are also affected by different kinds of pollution. Firstly, it is affected by
the wastes that people usually dispose. These materials disposed by people starts by
affecting the quality of rainwater. Water found underground and above the ground is also
affected. This has a serious impact on the natural systems. The causes of water pollution

Human activities 5

are very varies as they range from industrial wastes, runoff from farmland, sewage,
effluents from the factory and building up of sediments
Various emissions from the factories and vehicles are released into the air. They can
therefore travel for very long distances before they fall into the ground. A good example
is when they form acid rain. These emissions end up creating acidic conditions that
damages ecosystem like lakes and forests. The pollution that usually passes directly into
water from factories and cities can be reduced through being treated at the source before
being discharged. It therefore becomes harder to reduce varied pollution forms that are
indirectly carries by run off.
It takes much more time to completely clean up a polluted body than how it occurs in the
first place. This shows there is need to focus on ways in which these resources can be
protected. In most cases, cleaning up a polluted body takes more than ten years.
Underground water is mostly polluted when compared to the surface water. Cleaning
polluted underground water takes much more time and it’s very expensive.
Climate change
Human activities contribute the largest parts in climate changes on the planet earth. This
is because these activities play the greatest role in the changes that are witnessed in the
atmosphere of earth. Burning of the fossils is the best known human activity. This is
because this activity releases carbon dioxide gas into the atmosphere. Aerosols and
greenhouse gases affects the climate by altering the incoming solar radiation and the
outgoing infrared r...

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