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the attached file has detailed instructions. I did question A (List the ten public health achievements). And left b), and C). It is 2 essays, each 2 pages minimum. The instructor pays attention to the details she asked for. Please cover them all.

I gave some info about the character you will write about. you will come up with the story. I hope the detailed instructions will make easier for you.

Good luck.

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Creative Project – Prepare this ahead of time – BE CREATIVE!!!! HAVE FUN. Public health achievements – worth 60 points on final exam. There are several parts to this essay – you will pull together knowledge of public health’s role in U.S. health using references. Follow directions carefully as you will be graded on inclusion of information, quality/content of information, use of references/citations. Use APA citation format. Review power points on Introduction/Definitions and Public Health Achievements / Challenges ( You can find it all online) References: MMWR Public Health Achievements 20th Century –references included below. Also link to Dr. Frieden’s Shattuck lecture on challenges in public health. Cite the references you use. You can use additional references since it is beyond 2010 – see paragraph that follows (eg, MMWR articles, power points, films, etc.) You will want to include any contemporary issues brought up in class this semester; eg, emerging infectious diseases, vaccines, increased numbers of sexually transmitted diseases, high maternal mortality rates in U.S. women, decreased life expectancy in middle-aged white people, opioid addiction/substance abuse, health disparities, guns as a public health issue, obesity, etc.) – make sure you find and cite references. (a) List the ten public health achievements of the 20th century. 1. Vaccination 2. Motor-vehicle safety 3. Safer workplaces 4. Control of infectious diseases 5. Decline in deaths from coronary heart disease and stroke 6. Safer and healthier foods 7. Healthier mothers and babies 8. Family planning 9. Fluoridation of drinking water 10. Recognition of tobacco use as a health hazard (b) Role play essay part I – early 20th century Objective: Demonstrate that you have knowledge of health conditions at the beginning of the 20th century in the U.S. Imagine that you are living during the first two decades of the 20th century. Choose a persona for yourself. You can be a young adult (male or female), middle-aged, an older person, or a child; you can be a parent (mother or father); you can be any race/ethnicity you wish. Choose and include the following in the creative role play. You may include photos, images, cartoons, etc. · Year · Your age, gender, race/ethnicity (give yourself a name) 25 yrs old, male, middle eastern · Where you live (state, rural/urban, type of community) New york, urban, put any time of community you want. · Family situation. Single, lives alone (Or if it makes more and easier writing, married with on kid. · Socioeconomic conditions. From working class · Occupation (self or parents). Anything you like · Educational level. High school · Other relevant information (use of tobacco, nutrition, etc.) · Life expectancy – what would your life expectancy have been? You will have to search for this for the time you use. o What were the leading causes of death at that time? Create a life describing the health challenges you would have faced at the time you select. You will need to use at least four of the ‘Achievements’ references to build your creative role play. Describe conditions and challenges of the time period and conditions selected. I would expect this essay to cover an estimated 2 pages (more till 3 pages is better) double-spaced, 12 font MINIMUM. (c) Role play essay part II – 21st century Objective: Discuss the 20th century’s public health contributions to your current life and the challenges you and YOUR children/grandchildren will face as you age in the 21st century. Demonstrate that you have knowledge of the public health achievements of the 20th century and challenges of the 21st century. Note that the ‘Achievements’ references also address challenges still remaining in 1999. Include Dr. Frieden’s article as a reference. Cite references used. ● Jump ahead to the years 2017/2018 - 2030. Speak in a “today voice”. Describe your medical / social history. Choose your age, geographic location, socioeconomic status, occupation, lifestyle factors, community support, etc. You will be a descendent of the character you created in your first essay. ● “Public health has contributed significantly to the overall health of the U.S. in the 20th century”. In considering that statement, how has YOUR life changed in relation to your early 20th century ancestors’ lives? You can be better off (in many ways) or even not as good as you hoped to be due to various factors . ● Discuss public health achievements in several areas (of the “10”) that have contributed to overall increased life expectancy. Research current life expectancy and current leading causes of death as background. Include present and future public health challenges. Show how your life has changed and describe challenges that remain (for you and/or your current or future children / grandchildren. ○ Optional: You may include the role of social media and internet: 1) personal (including the good, the bad, and the ugly 2) health (health apps, genetic testing, telemedicine, etc.) Include references. I would expect this essay to cover an estimated 2 pages (more till 3 pages is better) double-spaced, 12 font MINIMUM. Achievements in Public Health series: Ten Great Public Health Achievements Infectious Diseases Tobacco use Safer and healthier foods (nutrition) Family planning Healthier mothers and babies Oral health, including fluoridation Improvements in workplace safety Vaccines Changes in public health system Decline in deaths due to heart disease and stroke Motor vehicle safety 2000-2010 follow up to Achievements series: The Future of Public Health – 21st Century Challenges – Frieden ...
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Achievements in Public Health
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Part B: Role play essay part I – early 20th century
I am a 25-year old male of Middle-Eastern descent living in New York City. The year is
1905. I live with my wife and one kid in one of the city’s neighborhoods, close to a mile from the
company that I work for. I have studied up to the high school level, although I am in the process
of enrolling in college if the financial situations allow in the coming days. I do smoke but have
never taken alcohol. The main nutrition in my household primarily comes from foods purchased
from the local groceries and retailers. Due to the limitation of time and the rising popularity of
processed foods in the US at the time, my family has adopted a culture of purchasing processed
foods from some of the local retailers. We are also getting used to the sweetened beverages that
are slowly taking over the market and replacing the natural fruit drinks that we were accustomed
to in the local eateries. The company I work for rarely allows leave and, similar to most other
companies in the US at the time, does not have any health benefit plan for the employees. Due to
the company’s extended working times, I rarely get time to exercise. Based on my profile, the
following is an evaluation of the health challenges that I face in relation to my lifestyle, leading
causes of death, and other prevailing factors.
Leading causes of death and life expectancy
There were various causes of death in the US in the 1900s. At this time, the major cause
of death is pneumonia followed by tuberculosis, gastrointestinal infections, heart disease, and
cerebrovascular disease, in that order. Heart diseases, for example, led to the death of at least 320
deaths in 100,000 in the early 1900s (Shattuck, 2017). Des...

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