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1.A complete, consolidated project plan document (in a format/structure from the textbook, from, or from other valid research) including all relevant project information and all information from previous ITP deliverable documents.

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Running Header: ITP-4 PROJECT RESOURCES AN COSTS PART III Mamma’s Bakery and Sandwich IT Upgrade Project IFSM 438: Project Management ITP-4 Project Resources and Costs Running head: MAMMA’S BAKERY AND SANDWICH IT UPGRADE PROJECT Executive Summary Team is effectively and efficiently managing Mamma’s Bakery Sandwich Shoppe (MBSS) IT system upgrade and has completed the first interim project deliverable. This deliverable consisted of providing strategic structure and organization of Team workload into smaller, more manageable sections by way of a work breakdown structure (WBS). Each task within the WBS has the resources and costs associated with it depending on the materials and level of effort needed for task completion. “By definition, resources are any required assets whose main priority is to complete a task within a project. Resources are classified into three categories: • People (human resources and services) • Capital (monetary resources) • Material (goods)” (3 Types of Essential Resources for Your Project, 2016) “Cost control is concerned with measuring variances from the cost baseline and taking effective actions to achieve minimum costs” (Cost Management, 2015). Team has applied these controls to monitor expenditures and performances against the progress of the project. “Team has also reflected the costs associated with resources allocated to support the project resource pool and cost control management methods which enhances and simplifies the team’s ability to report and inform all stakeholders involved in the project” (Cost Management, 2015). Every team member involved in the MBSS IT system upgrade project have been assigned a task with predecessors to ensure limited amounts of project creep and proper project management. A WBS revealing project costs and resources has been developed to ensure that the MBSS IT system upgrade will continue to be managed effectively and efficiently. Therefore, the project manager can utilize both WBS to: 2 Running head: MAMMA’S BAKERY AND SANDWICH IT UPGRADE PROJECT • Ensure project costs, scope, and time are efficiently managed and produce a quality outcome that meets or exceeds standards set by MBSS IT system upgrade stakeholders • Provide project resource cost and time estimate documentation • Ensure that project budget does not exceed Mamma Mia’s initial estimated $100,000 budget. Poor resource planning can result in catastrophic results that can hinder or cause project failure. Team is determined and focused on ensuring that MBSS’s project is not impacted by unforeseen events that may derail its implementation. With the IT implementation, methodologies, and additional project measures and resources, Team will continue to help usher Mamma’s Bakery and Sandwich Shoppe into the 21st Century. Questions Answered 3 Running head: MAMMA’S BAKERY AND SANDWICH IT UPGRADE PROJECT 1. How did the team determine the appropriate resources? Were other similar projects used to help identify resources that might be needed? Appropriate resources were determined based on the relevant expertise of the project team and their knowledge of the subject area. All individuals have incorporated this along with the relevant experience of other projects, and for many team members, there are certain sections of the overall MBSS project, which relate to overall projects that they have worked on and contributed to previously. From this basis, it is possible to work in consideration of the overall project objectives to identify and determine the resources which might be needed. Considering that the MBSS project is an initial installation or a ground-zero project, it is beneficial to Team and MBSS stakeholders that the project team be comprised of cross-section functional experts. Team now reflects the need for a subject matter specialist to ensure that the required skill sets are on board and committed to supporting the project. The previously defined project roles identified did not reflect the functional skill set depth to start an IT system from scratch. “By acquiring the appropriate skill sets the project can effectively and efficiently progress positively” (MICA, 2016). 2. Was a salary website or the Department of Labor website used to help determine the hourly rate of the labor resources? If not, how were hourly rates determined? Initial thoughts as to hourly rates were based on experience and knowledge of certain sections of the market in which labor resources would be operating. As the WBS continues to evolve, a combination of reliable salary websites, as well as U.S. Department of Labor information, has been used to ensure that the hourly rates outlined for the required resources are as accurate and fair as possible. 4 Running head: MAMMA’S BAKERY AND SANDWICH IT UPGRADE PROJECT With various regional variables impacting the hourly wage, Team took the national average or median rate and implemented it into our WBS. While researching these standards, our team discovered that the average hourly rate was broad. Whether the position is a private, public, federal or a civilian contractor, there was no consensus which was evident across all roles. 3. Were other credible sources used to help the team determine what non-labor resources might be required? Reviewing of product literature in regards to items that would likely need to be ordered and installed assisted our team in identifying any non-labor resources required to complete project tasks. Elements such as all computer equipment, hardware, cabling, software, and other mandatory installation items should be included. Following specific recommendations and requirements across all project-components ensures that all resources are correctly identified. 4. Did the team revisit the project charter to ensure resources were consistent with the SCOPE of the project? This is particularly important in the case of non-project team resources. For example, if a server or telecom closet is to be built, do the resources include construction types of resources? When creating each element of the WBS and refining them through the project process, it is increasingly essential to refer to the project charter as it essentially provides the basis for all decisions and actions which will be taken by the project team. Therefore, as per the project charter, the overall responsibility of Team is to deliver an enhanced Information System for MBSS. While this will take place alongside expansion and construction, the main requirement will demonstrate an understanding of the location and proposed changes to ensure that the Information System is delivered alongside the construction requirements. Attention will be given 5 Running head: MAMMA’S BAKERY AND SANDWICH IT UPGRADE PROJECT to on-site visits and review of the physical location to install IT components such as cabling runs, etc. 5. Were some project tasks contracted out? Why or why not? We choose not to contract out any of the project work. Team currently possesses all the necessary experience and expertise to achieve the desired project objectives. When working within a project team, there may be more significant collaboration and cooperation amongst team members who are already accustomed to working with each other across a variety of different projects. 6. What contractors or vendors might be involved in the project and what products or services would they provide? Certain specialist contractors or vendors may be involved with the project at some point in time. This involvement is most likely due to the need for specialist engagements on EPOS technology, for example, or there may need to be input from specialists on the expansion and construction side as to whether they need specific information to be provided to them accordingly. Such information will likely be gleaned during the location visits for example. However, as the project continues to evolve, team is aware of the need to initiate conversation and support from external vendors about acquiring the identified computer hardware, as well as engaging with software vendors for commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) software product tools that address MBSS operational needs going forward. 7. Were the totals by task in Excel and the MS Project (.mpp) file the same? Was the total cost of the project the same? If not, why not? 6 Running head: MAMMA’S BAKERY AND SANDWICH IT UPGRADE PROJECT No, the totals in Project were more accurate. We would blame the inaccuracies on not creating the formulas in Excel. In the end, we were trying to be as accurate as possible my formulations clouded the situation. A greater appreciation for Project has been established. The major challenges of using Project were identifying the proper field to distinguish a column. The ability to identify field functionality is a major component to properly navigate the various views of Project. In several instances, the selections of choice varied from the Gantt Chart view versus the Resource view. 7 Running head: MAMMA’S BAKERY AND SANDWICH IT UPGRADE PROJECT References Bouvire, C. (2017, Feb 23). Cost Management Explained in 4 Steps. Retrieved from Essential Resources. (2016, May 18). 3 Types of Essential Resources for Your Project. Retrieved from Mica, (2014, Dec 11). 5 Ways Top Project Managers Allocate Their Resources. Retrieved from 8 Review your previous deliverables assignments and the assignments from the other teams in the Shared Learning Environment Discussions. Prepare a consolidated Project Management Plan / Proposal (PMP) that consolidates and summarizes each of the ITP deliverables. 1. A complete, consolidated project plan document (in a format/structure from the textbook, from, or from other valid research) including all relevant project information and all information from previous ITP deliverable documents. o All project information must be included within the Word document. All of the ITP assignments from this semester should be updated and improved based on learning through the semester. You may use any number of features to include the updated assignments, including Appendices or embedded documents, among several other possibilities, but all appendices/documents should reflect the changes you’ve experienced through the semester. Please note that the full documents should not be part of the main body of the Project Plan. They are supporting documents only. For example, one embedded or appendix should be an updated Excel spreadsheet Risk Register for all major tasks and at least 2 sub-tasks and 2 sub-sub tasks. Another appendix should be an updated and expanded version of your project charter that summarizes the project, given what you know now. (For instance, as but one example, any changes in project schedule, costs, and scope since the original draft of the charter should now be reflected in the updated charter.) o The Consolidated Project Plan consolidates, discusses and summarizes each of the ITP deliverables plus additional information that would be included in a project management plan. The consolidated plan, with the exception of the MS Project (.mpp) file, must summarize each of the ITP documents (schedule, major resources, major risks, cost, etc.) in the text of the document. The final consolidated plan should discuss what the project is, what is required to meet the needs of the bakery, how information was gathered and presented, and information that will help the company and the client or executive sponsor). Documents to support the SUMMARY should be added as Appendices – either in full or embedded (preferable). o The Plan and documents should reflect improvements through the semester from the instructor's comments, sharing the projects of the other teams, additional text readings and additional research, and other lessons learned. The Consolidated Project Plan must include at least a paragraph that describes which project documents/assignments were changed, updated and/or improved, how, and why. If, for example, the team made changes to the Resources, the team might indicated that they saw another team that included a resource that had not been considered yet. This paragraph (or more) is mandatory! o o The consolidated plan should include references used (with appropriate citations) to gather the information. o Some sections to consider for inclusion in the Consolidated Project Plan are: o A title page o The executive summary (with appropriate changes) of the project proposal and plan. o The scope, cost and schedule (early in the document!) o Business requirements for the project and system, and reason for undertaking the project (problem statement) should be included. o Clear and complete scope statement should be included; what is IN scope and what is out of scope. o Objectives, constraints, and assumptions should be included. o Participants (project team AND stakeholders) along with their roles should be listed. o Project background should be provided. o Technical and PM approach/strategy should be described. o Outsourcing/contracting should be addressed o Benefits and value to the client (note: this does not mean costs or budget) should be detailed. o Rough order of magnitude (ROM) estimate of costs and required project budget should be included based on your own cost estimate. o ROM estimate of total time required to complete the project and project completion date should be included based on your Project schedule. o A summary-level Gantt chart with a few major bars might be a useful, though optional, addition. However, do not include a copy of a full MS Project Gantt chart that is so detailed that it is unreadable. o A conclusion paragraph should be included, briefly summarizing the project and requesting approval to proceed with the project. As an example, PMI recommends the following sections in a project management plan: • • • Purpose/background/approach Goals/objectives Scope • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Deliverables Constraints/assumptions Related projects/critical dependencies Schedule and milestones Budget/cost-benefit assessment Risk assessment WBS Quality management approach Tools and techniques to be used Resource estimates Standards Change and control procedures Roles/responsibilities Work plan Team contact directory Approval sign-off form There are several other good templates and formats available. Please be sure to credit the source of your Project Plan structure of format. 2. A Microsoft PowerPoint presentation (approx. 8-10 slides) that provides a high-level executive-level summary of your project proposal for the major stakeholder(s) (client and/or executive sponsor). The slides should be prepared and formatted as though they will be presented face-to-face in a Conference room with a projector. ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ • • The presentation should open with a discussion of scope, cost, and schedule. This presentation will be a decision presentation, not merely an information presentation. The PowerPoint slides should NOT be overly full of text. Length should be appropriate to purpose and audience (approx. 8-10 slides). The slides should not be too full of text or bullets, and should use large enough text for readability Note: Please do not use timed automatic slide transitions for this presentation. You may organize and format your presentation in any way that seems most effective and appropriate to the purpose. Graphics may be used but should be meaningful, useful, and not distracting or gratuitous. The consolidated project plan document and project plan presentation should include: o Enough detail should be provided to allow the stakeholder(s) to make a go/no-go decision on whether or not the proposal is acceptable to begin implementing the project plan, designing and installing the IT project. o MAKE A RECOMMENDATION! o A title page or cover sheet that includes the contributors. This should not be a standalone file but should simply be the first page of another Word document (e.g., the Charter) that you are submitting. Mamma’s Bakery and Sandwich I IFSM 438: Project Man ITP-4 Project Resources a Team Giga-Byte Ajani Moody Randal Michael Russell Anthony We did not use any outside resources for the cost and l Bakery and Sandwich IT Upgrade Project IFSM 438: Project Management TP-4 Project Resources and Costs Team Giga-Byte Ajani Moody Randall Rey Michael Russell Anthony Dawson sources for the cost and labor for this Assignment. We created our own labor and resources rates. Task Name Duration Labor Resource Hourly Rate Mamma's Bakery and Sandwich Shoppe IT Upgrade 1.0 Create Project 1.2 days Project Manager 1.1 Identify the need 1.2 Identify the stakeholders 1.3 Identify the Budget 1.4 Identify the Location 1.5 Identify the Timeframe 2.0 Initiate Project 1 day Project Manager $44 Project Manager $44 Project Manager $44 Project Manager $44 Project Manager $44 1 hr 15 mins 1 hr 15 mins 3 days Project Manager 2.1 Create Project Charter 2.1.1 Include scope 2.1.2 Include milestones 2.1.3 Include roles 2.1.4 Include responsibilities 0.5 days Project Manager $44 Project Manager $44 Project Manager $44 Project Manager $44 Project Manager $44 4 hrs 4 hrs 4 hrs 4 hrs 2.1.5 Get Approval from Management Team 2.1.6 Distributed to Project Team 2.2 Identify Project Team 4 hrs Project Manager $44 Project Manager $44 30 mins 5 hrs Project Manager 2.2.1 Assign Installer 2.2.2 Assign System Analyst 2.2.3 Assign Network Engineer 2.2.4 Assign Software Engineer 2.2.5 Assign System Engineer 2.3 Create tasking 1 hr Project Manager $44 Project Manager $44 Project Manager $44 Project Manager $44 Project Manager 1 hr x $44 1 hr 1 hr 1 hr 1 hr 1 day Project Manager 2.3.1 Create Installer tasks Schedule start date Schedule end date 2.3.2 Create System Analyst tasks 30 mins Project Manager $44 Project Manager $44 Project Manager $44 15 mins 15 mins 30 mins Project Manager Schedule start date 15 mins Project Manager $44 Schedule end date 15 mins Project Manager 2.3.3 Create Network Engineer tasks $44 30 mins Project Manager Schedule start date Schedule end date 2.3.4 Create Software Engineer tasks 15 mins Project Manager $44 Project Manager $44 15 mins 30 mins Project Manager Schedule start date Schedule end date 2.3.5 Create System Engineer tasks 15 mins Project Manager $44 Project Manager $44 15 mins 30 mins Project Manager Schedule start date Schedule end date 2.4 Setup Kickoff Meeting 15 mins Project Manager $44 Project Manager $44 15 mins 1.3 days Project Manager 2.4.1. Select location Select time Invite stakeholders 1 day Project Manager $44 Project Manager $44 Project Manager $44 1 hr 1 hr RSVP Stakeholders 15 mins Project Manager 2.4.2 Attend meeting $44 2.5 hrs Project Manager Introduce stakeholders Survey location Record Notes Provide timeframe Send minutes MBSS IT Project is Green Lighted 30 mins Project Manager $44 Project Manager $44 Project Manager $44 Project Manager $44 Project Manager $44 2 hrs 2.4 days 1 hr 3 hrs 0 days Project Manager 2.5 Configuration Management 7 days Configuration Manager 2.5.1 Create scope baseline 8 hrs Configuration Manager $33 2.5.2 Create schedule baseline 2 days Configuration Manager $33 2.5.3 Create cost baseline 2 days Configuration Manager $33 2.5.4 Create ma ...
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