Transformations in Health Care system discussion

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This is my change. Its the proposal that I did and I upload it. 

Share your topic and tell us which area you think will be impacted the most?

Would you say your proposal is focused more on the change within an organization regarding cost managment or quality of care to patients?

How important do you think diversity of population is within these transformations?

I need you just to answer the three questions regarding the first assignment on this article above

The six critical transformation areas proposed by Issel and Anderson (1996) are: - Person-As-Customer to Population-As-Customer, Illness Care to Wellness Care, Revenue Management to Cost Management, Autonomy of Professionals to Interdependence of Professionals, Autonomy of Professionals to Interdependence of Professionals , and Patient as a Non-consumer of Quality Information to a Consumer of Cost and Quality Information.

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