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every detail you need is in the attachments. there will be 2 choices/subjects you can choose which one you are more comfortable with and make the cultural exploration about.

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Scanned by CamScanner SI rubric for Cultural E-Explorations Two times in the semester you will turn in a Cultural E-Exploration. Here is the situation: For this assignment we will pretend that St. Cloud State has hired you to help plan a special study-abroad version of Span 110. In this version we travel to and spend a week in a place within the unit being described. So, for each place you must research the area and put together a report that covers three areas 1) Transportation and accommodation Flight costs and options Public transportation options where you are visiting What are the lodging options? - Choose a housing option based on proximity to culturally important spots and lower price. 2). Cultural activities What would be excellent cultural activities for the group to do? (monuments, important places, arts, music, architecture, sports, nature, tours, etc.) Offer up general options along with specific activities with some historical/cultural background information for the activity and cost involved. 3) Food First of all describe what the food and drink is like in general in the region you're exploring and then what will be some specific things to try. If there are specific dishes please explain what they consist of. How much should be budgeted for food? Each section should be a mix of paragraph or longer description in your words and bullet points. Due Dates are as follows: Cultural Exploration #1 by Thursday, Oct. 5 Feb. 28th Choose one (1) of the following itineraries: A. Spain: Madrid for 3 nights then Granada for three (3) nights. B. Guatemala: Guatemala City City for two nights and then Antigua for three (3) nights. Con 12 by Tuesday 14 -hts. TRETOBER Picchu. I will accept the Cultural Exploration up to one class-period after the suggested due date with no penalty to your grade. Submissions turned in more one class period after the due date will receive a 10% reduction of your grade. Fach report is worth 75 points. The evaluation rubric is as follows: You receive 10 points for turning in the document in any form. Then the are 20 points given for "Form" and 15 points for "Content" for each of the three areas of the report. Form: 20 points - Document is very well written, very well organized, easy to follow and with very few if any spelling, grammar or punctuation errors. Vocabulary is very rich, specific, appropriate and descriptive.
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Cultural Exploration
The cities of Madrid and Granada are located in Spain, Eastern Europe. While Madrid is
Spain’s most significant and capital city, Granada is the headquarters of the province of Granada.
Both cities are renowned for their, nightlife- described as among the liveliest in the world,
artistic heritage and great culture. Some of the most attractive destination includes Plaza Mayor,
El Prado Museum, Puerta Del Sol, and Plaza de Colón.
Both Granada and Madrid have very elaborate and modernized transportation system of
buses and Metro. Both cities are characterized by their vast road network and numerous types of
public surface transport. Its rich interconnection of rail air and road transport provide efficient
transportation across and to outside the city. The best way to get into both the cities is through
their airports. The airports which are near the city, offer the best strategic move to the city. There
also exist several means of transport to travel to and from the airport. However the most
convenient by far is its 24-hours express bus service. The bus service can be accessed through all
the terminals. And can connect visitors through the cities or outside the cities such as city to city
connection. The commuters are obligated to pay the bus drivers 5 euros, in cash as fare price.
The bus services depart in the daytime after every 12 minutes. Alternatively, visit...

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