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May 13th, 2015

(9a)Image result for 1-propanol

(9b)Image result for 2-propanol

(9c)Image result for 2-methyl-2-butanol


Image result for 1,3-cyclopentanediol

(10a)Image result for propyl ether

(10b)Image result for ethyl propyl ether

(10c)Image result for 1,2-propanediamine

(10d)Image result for cyclobutylamine

(11a) propane-2-amine

Functional Group: NH2

(11b) cyclohexanol

Functional Group: OH

(11c) propyl methyl ether

Functional Group: C-O-C

May 13th, 2015

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May 13th, 2015
May 13th, 2015
Oct 23rd, 2017
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