write a written publication as Dick Gregory

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Coverage of Topic and Staying true to your time period (25 points) Don’t include contemporary ideas or language. Topic is adequately covered and explained. All major issues relevant to the topic have been addressed and discussed. Ideas within the paper are presented clearly and are organized in a logical and straightforward manner.

Analysis of topic/Argument (30 points) Materials and topics not listed, but discussed. Discussion of material is insightful and complex: synthesizing argument and conceptual understanding of course materials. Tips: You’re either going to be arguing for or against something—Prove your argument!

Use of class materials and/or your primary document (15 points): Minimum of three references. Tips: use multiple sources, use full quotes, fully cite sources DON’T: use quotes that have NOTHING to do with what you are discussing. DON’T: quote 2-5 words—that isn’t a quote; it’s a theft of words from their original context. DON’T: get all your sources from the same pages! To cite: simply include the author’s last name and the page number after the material. Ex: (Takaki, 55)

cite from the book my soul is rested the story of the civil rights movement in the deep south.

please write as Dick Gregory, not about him.

i uploaded a file about Dick Gregory use it to write as him.

the topic is about the civil rights movements.

please cite from the book and cite like said above.

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Meshaal Aldarweesh Character sheet Dick Gregory Background The man Dick Gregory was known for many professions. He was an African-American entrepreneur, conspiracy theorist, comedian, civil activist, social critic, writer and he occasionally participated in acting. Dick Gregory was born on October 12, 1932, and he died on August 19, 2017. In the 1960s, he was the pioneer of stand-up comedy. His performances were major to the black audience where he mocked bigotry and racism. He, in fact, organized political activism in the 1960s protesting racial injustices and Vietnam War. Context In context with Civil rights movement, Dick Gregory would later quit full-time comedy and engage in activism. He along others like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. participated in human rights activism in the fight for black voting rights. He was among the activist who flew to Moscow in 1964 to protest the Soviet treatment of black soldiers. The movement of Dick Gregory and another activist including Dr. Martin Luther wanted a society where all individual can be successful despite their race. Noticeable during the 1960s was the oppression and lack of equal justice for the black individuals. Traits Dick Gregory was a person with many adorable traits. Among his many traits was his self-drive and determination. He dedicated his life to fighting what he believed was right. He, for example, demanded that the freedom of his people from racial discrimination and lack of justice. He was also very creative and original in his work. Dick Gregory also had a well-developed business mindset. He would set goals and work hard to achieve it. Goals The main goal that Dick Gregory became a human right activist is to fight for racial equality. He wanted a country where someone’s child cannot be judged because of the color of his or her skin. He was for the society that would appreciate an individual because of his or her content of their character and because he or she is white. Dick Gregory was of a dedicated character, among other leaders they gave all their lives to fighting for the racial equality and also equal justice for all people of different colors. ...
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The emancipation of black American slaves after the civil war was a great victory for the
black American community. The African American had been granted the basic civil rights that
were enjoyed by their white counterparts. However despite these great gains, racial segregation
and discrimination was still the way of life in America, especially in the American south. The
African American was still disadvantaged with no opportunity for growth or the realization of
one’s full potential or dreams. These frustrations are what sparked the rise of a revolt that rocked
the foundations of this great nation. As Howell Raines says, “Rosa Parks, a brave black
American woman started a civil disobedience that was to grant the black people in America
federal protection of these basic rights.”(Raines, 342) The American civil rights movement that
was led by martin Luther King was fundamental towards the realization of these basic rights.
The Black Americans in America had been denied the basic dignity that is inherent to
every human being. The law had successfully institutionalized racial prejudice and injustice. The
law had therefore failed the black person. The structure of society ensured that the Negro was
economically, socially and politically disadvantaged. This led to the creation of a community
was singled out to live in gross levels of poverty in a society that had wealth for all in abundance.
The movement provided an avenue for all lovers of justice and fairness to come together in the
pursuit of the common good for all American people.
A person is not truly free until they have freed their minds. In recognition of this fact, the
leaders of the civil rights movement like Martin Luther king organized mass public campaigns
whose aim was to sensitize the black community of their rights and dignity as human beings.
This led to the creation of many foot soldiers of the revolution. These large numbers ensur...

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