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I have to write 3-4 sentences on each topic that is given on this outline. If you don;t understand please ask me questions. The outline is just what the professor gave us.

Final Outline: Mention Direct Observables and Theories and Key Observer or Theorist Geometry Pythagoras Function Exercise Celestial Lights Movements : P.,C., T.B., K. Terrestrial Body Movements: O.G., G. Newton unifies K. & G. and explains orbit deviation, tides, oblate earth shape. Thermal Energy: Caloric, Rumsford.Theory explains: Room with Radiator Heating Prevailing Winds, Rain Climate Hot Mantle Movement Electric current heating wire Light at Angles explains: Temperature Latitude Dependent Seasons Ice Ages DA VINCI GEOLOGY SUMMARY Tectonic Plate Movements explains: Mountains Volcanoes Earthquakes Earth Center Structure Using Earthquake Data to explain Rocks: I. S. M., Minerals Marbles Demo suggests some Mineral Structures Light: Lenses, Prisms, Slits(Young 1800) Diffraction Chemistry: Lavoisier, Dalton, etc. Electricity-Magnetism: Rubbing (Electrostatics), Lodestones, Franklin /Dufaye, Galvani/Volta, Oersted, Faraday, Maxwell Film used by: Roentgen: discovering X-Rays Bequerrel: discovering α,β,ϒ rays Atomic Theory: Crookes, Rutherford, Thompson, Millikan Michaelson/Morley light experiment casts doubt on ether theory for light waves Einstein : Special & General Relativity Dark Matter/Energy Levels of Discussion (Blackboard & HANDOUT)

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Final Outline: Mention Direct Observables and Theories and Key Observer or Theorist
Geometry Pythagoras
In arithmetic, the Geometry Pythagoras, else termed as Pythagoras' hypothesis, is a major
connection between the three sides of a correct triangle. It expresses that the square of the
hypotenuse is equivalent to the total of the squares of the other two sides. The proposition can be
implied as a state relating the distances of the sides a, b, and c frequently called the Pythagorean
Function Exercise
Celestial Lights Movements: P., C., T.B., K.
Knowing the absolute most oft-utilized space science terms will enable you to better
comprehend the stray pieces of stargazing and the art of cosmology. What is the distinction
between a reflector and a refractor? Why is a meteor not a shooting star? Regardless of whether
you are picking a telescope, somewhere down in the pages of Sky and Telescope, or arranging
your trek to the following huge divine occasion, the space science glossary underneath will get
you up-to-speed on the basics.
Terrestrial Body Movements: O.G., G.
Terrestrial body movements have developed creatures adjusted from oceanic to
earthbound situations. Locomotion ashore raises unexpected issues in comparison to that in

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water, with decreased grating them to displace by the impacts of gravity. There are three
essential types of headway found among earthly creatures
Newton unifies K. & G. and explains orbit deviation, tides, oblate earth shape.
The circle of a planet is an oval, with the Sun at one of the two centers. A line section
joining a planet and the Sun clears out equivalent regions amid parallel interims of time. The
square of the orbital time of a planet is corresponding to the 3D shape of the semi-real pivot of
its circle.
Thermal Energy: Caloric, Rumsford. Theory explains:
Room with Radiator Heating
Radiators and convectors are warm exchangers intended to exchange warm vitality
starting with one medium then onto the next with the end goal of room warming. It seems that
the soonest individual to utilize the term 'radiator' to mean a warming machine in a patent for a
stove with a warmth exchanger, which at that point transmitted warmth. In an outline, Caloric,
composed that innovation was an impossible to miss sort of device, which is called a radiator
Prevailing Winds, Rain
Winning winds likewise add to an atmosphere zone. These winds streams disregard the
sea and get water vapor, of which has warm vitality. As the winds keep on disregarding the
locale these water beads consolidate and cause rain.
The warm Gulf Stream passes on a lot of warm vitality from the tropics to northern
scopes. The moderately mellow winter atmosphere all year-round sans ice harbors in a country is
among the outcomes of this exchange of vitality. The Gulf Stream and its integral return

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momentum include one among the five notable maritime gyres, vast frameworks of pivoting sea
ebbs and flows appeared in the figure underneath.
Hot Mantle Movement
Gradual addition happens as mantle added to the developing edges of a plate, related to
ocean bottom spreading. This hot included material chills off by conduction and convection of
warmth. At the utilization edges of the plate, the material has thermally contracted to wind up
noticeably thick, and it sinks under its own weight during the time-spent subduction normally at
a sea trench
Electric current heating wire
Electrical current is the stream of electrons through a substance that will allow that stream. The
substance is known as a conductor. A few conductors are superior to others, however, none are
immaculate, and all oppose electron stream to some degree.
Light at Angles explains:
Temperature Latitude Dependent
The measure of warmth vitality got at any area on the globe is an immediate impact of Sun edge
on atmosphere, as the point at which daylight strikes the Earth shifts by area, time of day, and
season because of the Earth's circle around the Sun and the Earth's pivot around its tilted hub.
Occasional change in the edge of daylight, caused by the tilt of the Earth's pivot, is the essential
instrument those outcomes in hotter climate in summer than in winter. Change in day length is
another factor

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