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This is the last piece of your class project. Imagine the presentation has been approved by the president and will be publicly published to sell the president's ideas. See the overview of the project for a refresher on the purpose.

Take your research from the essays and present it in a multimedia presentation using PowerPoint. Here's a link to instructions on using PowerPoint if you're new to it. Open Office can also be used to create PowerPoint presentations, even if you don't have Microsoft Office. Alternative formats are acceptable too if available to you, such as Prezio or Knovio.


  • A title slide and reference slide.
  • Each topic will have a four-slide minimum to explain the problem, illustrate the competing solutions, and explain why one is better.
  • At least one use of animation and one sound should be used within the final product.

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POLS210 Class Project: There are three parts to your class project: the first two are essays. The final part is a PowerPoint presentation that will display the combined work on the essays. For each assignment, there will be detailed instructions and rubrics with scoring criteria available in the “Assignments” section of the course. OVERVIEW: 1. You are a White House Staff Member working for a newly inaugurated President. The President is preparing the first “State of the Union” address to Congress which will outline the president’s vision for addressing current issues facing the United States. 2. You will research issues to create the President’s address. The president is not a dictator. The proposals must consider the Constitution, relevant court rulings, and public opinion. 3. After you have completed your research of the issues, you will then create a PowerPoint presentation reflecting your proposed State of the Union address. Think of it as your TV infomercial promoting your plan, and use it to grab the public’s attention. Issue essays Using the “Assignments” section of the classroom, you will write two essays together with cited research sources. They will be a minimum of 500 words and a maximum of 600 words per essay, and you may lose points for going too long! The rubric states an exemplary essay will be concise. The topics for the issues will be: a. Healthcare (due at end of Week 3) b. National Security (due at end of Week 5) For each essay, choose a problem within the topic. What are two competing solutions to this problem? Explain which one is better and why. How will the different levels of government be involved (federal, state and local)? This will require research into news recent news articles (published within four weeks of each assignment’s due date). For each respective week, include relevant information from the required readings for that week too. PowerPoint presentation (due at end of Week 7) After you have completed your research of the issues for the essays, you will design and build a presentation that represents each of the above issues and proposed solutions. This is an opportunity for you to use your creative side. You will use a minimum of four slides for each issue, a title slide, and a slide listing references for a minimum slide total of ten slides. Running head: ESSAY ON HEALTHCARE Essay on Healthcare Brady D. Shaw American Military University ESSAY ON HEALTHCARE 2 Essay on Healthcare One of the current issues that are facing controversy regarding the American healthcare system is the Obamacare Medicaid expansion. Medicaid is used to connote the health insurance program that aids in catering for the health services of the low-income people and those who live below the poverty line (Archambault, Horton and Ingram, 2015). The individuals who earn low income have limited chances of accessing the health insurance coverage. Recently, the United States has experienced a controversy on either to expand Medicaid to cover all the individuals whose household income is below the particular standards. While some states have responded to such an action, some are entirely against the Medicaid expansion. In the Obamacare Medicaid expansion, the people whose income is less than 138% of the poverty standard should be covered by the Medicaid. There are two competing solutions regarding the Medicaid expansion. The opponents of Medicaid expansion point out that medical development will result in increased rates of unemployment and that the level of poverty will rise (Archambault, Horton and Ingram, 2015). Ideally, this is because Medicaid did not previously cover the low-income individuals without children. Following the urge for Medicaid expansion, the low-income earners without kids are also included. Research studies have evidenced that these individuals have increased their search for jobs a fact that has stimulated employment growth. Contributing to this fact is that the public insurance programs are not functioning following the demand for Medicaid expansion. The proponents also presume that expansion of Medicaid will decline the costs incurred since the care given to the individuals will be compensated (Real et al, 2015). Moreover, the expansion of Medicaid will increase federal revenues since the state adopting the expansion will be funded. ESSAY ON HEALTHCARE 3 Conflicting to this solution is that the United States may undergo fiscal problems following the dependence on the federal funding. Since the current regulations, gives the states an opportunity of deciding on the Obamacare Medicaid expansion, I presume that the states should resolve to adopt the Obamacare Medicaid expansion. Ideally, this is because there are various merits associated with the Medicaid expansion. The federal funding will decline the costs incurred by the hospitals in offering the healthcare services. The quality of care provided to the individuals in the rural areas is likely to enhance following the adoption of Obamacare Medicaid expansion (Ruggless, 2017). The individuals living below the federal poverty level will also gain access to improved health care services. Regarding the responsibilities of the three levels of government, the federal is tasked with the responsibility of providing funds to the state governments. The state government will then allocate the money to various hospitals within the particular state. The local government is tasked with the role of ensuring that the local hospitals avail the health services to the individuals covered in the Medicaid expansion program (Ruggless, 2017). The federal government is made up of three branches. The judiciary, legislature and executive are the three sectors that make up the federal government. In the Medicaid expansion program, the legislature is tasked with the role of enacting the rules and laws that should be followed by the state governments in incepting the Obamacare Medicaid expansion program. The judiciary is tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that the bill advocating for Medicaid expansion is passed (Seiber and Berman, 2017). The role of the executive in the Obamacare Medicaid expansion is to enforce the law by ensuring that the states comply with the Obamacare Medicaid expansion. ESSAY ON HEALTHCARE 4 References Archambault, J., Horton, N., & Ingram, J. (2015). Utah Proposes Tax On The Sick To Pay For Obamacare Medicaid Expansion. Forbes.Com, 93. Real, B., McDermott, A. J., Bertot, J. C., & Jaeger, P. T. (2015). Digital Inclusion and the Affordable Care Act: Public Libraries, Politics, Policy, and Enrollment in “Obamacare”. Public Library Quarterly, 34(1), 1-22. doi:10.1080/01616846.2015.1000770 Ruggless, R. (2017). Restaurants must wait and see on Trump's health care moves: legal expert. Restaurant Hospitality Exclusive Insight, 2. Seiber, E. E., & Berman, M. L. (2017). Medicaid Expansion and ACA Repeal: Evidence from Ohio. American Journal of Public Health, 107(6), 889-892. Running Head: ESSAY ON NATIONAL SECURITY Essay on National Security Brady D. Shaw American Military University 2 UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT Essay on National Security National Terrorism on the government of United States of America has been the current nation’s security debate as well as American National Military. America is being faced with a tough task including the war between them and Afghanistan, homeland security threats as there is an increased threat. Recently, President Donald Trump has taken the initiative to nominate Kirstjen Nielsen to lead the homeland security in a bid to establish and thwart any potential threat posed to their military either within their boundaries or outside. This came as a result of three of their special troops ambushed and killed and few others injured in Nigeria when the soldiers were conducting counterterrorism training mission. But the biggest tough task is to thwart terrorism by completely striking all Islamic state group fighters (Kellner, 2015). Although thwarting terrorism and protecting its Military forces remains the first priority in their mission, the war in Afghanistan tops the list as the Trump administration says it has everything it needs to succeed in Afghanistan. There exist possible ways to this deadliest terrorist threat. They include establishing bases for drone strikes to hit back jihadist or any other Islamic state group fighters although some of the Jihadists’ leaders are calling on them to surrender and stop attacks completely so as American government to retaliate their drone strikes mission especially in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen and many other Islamic states. This will help bridge up the gap of enmity and create good terms between them. Another possible way would be closing the U.S drone base in Saudi Arabia. President Barrack Obama in his tenure secretly tried to open bases in Saudi Arabia for launching drones into Yemen which had been closed down by President George Bush. Another possible way would be all American allies coming up together to support the American government in completely flushing these Islamic state groups through military strike drones, ambush, and direct 3 UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT engagement. Out of the three aforementioned competing solutions to this terrorism would be the number three solutions where American government needs to engage their allies and seek support in flushing the Islamic state groups as they have vowed not to retaliate as they are fighting for a revenge to their very own mastermind leader Osama Bin Laden who was executed to death by the American government during the president Barrack Obama tenure. There exist three branches of U.S government including; the federal government, state government and local government where each of the branches has its distinct responsibilities and specific roles to play. In the United States, federal, state and local government s all make different governing laws depending on their division of ruling. United States federal legislature known as the United States Congress makes federal laws (Morone & Kersh, 2016). Federal laws apply to everyone throughout the United States whereas state laws made by State government, apply only to the citizens and visitors of that particular state within America. On the other hand, local government makes local laws which apply to people who are citizens, residents, or visitors to that particular state. Thus, the three of them working separately but closely linked up for effective and efficient governing. The responsibilities of federal government include making federal laws, printing money, declare war where there’s need to secure its territories or flush enemies, and establish army and navy as well as entering into treaties with foreign governments for international transacting and integration. On the other hand, the state government is entitled to the following responsibilities such as establishing local governments, issuing of licenses, regulating business and trade within and between the different states of America as well as conducting elections. Lastly, local government’s responsibilities include, providing education facilities, police for maintaining law and order and many others. Between federal and state governments there exist some shared 4 UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT powers such as establishing courts for executing jurisdiction in a bid to seek justice, collecting taxes, improving infrastructure such as the building of highways and borrowing of money for national projects. 5 UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT Reference Kellner, D. (2015). GLOBALIZATION, TERRORISM, AND DEMOCRACY. Contesting Empire, Globalizing Dissent: Cultural Studies after 9/11, 53. Morone, J. A., & Kersh, R. (2016). By the people: Debating American government. Oxford University Press.
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Terror threats on the U.S
Challenges of war between
the U.S and Afghanistan
R estructuring the Dept. of
Homeland S ecurity
Counterterrorism missions.
Primary goal is to fight
S top the war in Afghanistan
U.S is prepared in

Establishing bases for
drone strikes
 Targeted areas:
terrorist cells in
Pakistan, Yemen and
Middle East
 The closing of drone
 Unity in the fight
against terror by
America and its allies
 Best alternative -the
unity of the allies in
fighting terrorist

Branches of U.S
• federal government
• state government
• local government

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