Fat- and Water-Soluble Vitamins Presentation

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Research the functions, importance, and role of fat- and water-soluble vitamins.

Create a 12- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation that includes the following:

  • A title slide
  • An introductory slide (Introduction)
  • Identify the vitamin classification.
  • Why are vitamins an important part of daily nutrient intake?
  • What are fat-soluble vitamins? What are high nutrient sources of these vitamins?
  • What are the functions, benefits, deficiency risks, and toxicity risks of fat-soluble vitamins?
  • What are water-soluble vitamins? What are high nutrient sources of these vitamins?
  • What are the functions, benefits, deficiency risks, and toxicity risks of water-soluble vitamins?
  • Include information on one vitamin disorder: the disease, how it affects the body, and the course of action used to treat and manage the disorder.
  • Conclusion

Include detailed speaker notes in paragraph form that detail the implications of each slide. (don't just copy and paste what on the slide it self, the speaker notes have to be detailed in information, and use in-text citations according to the references you are going to use).

Each slide should contain no more than six bullets, and at most six words per bullet.

Include a reference slide with citations in APA format.

Include clip art and a background image. (for most of your slides).

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➢ Vitamins are essential elements
within the body since it assists
in the maintenance as well as
replenishing individual’s body.

➢ It also enables an increase in
growth and development of the
body as well as the functioning,
which includes digestion

vitamin classification
➢Vitamins are classified into two

➢One of them is the fat soluble
and the other is water soluble

Importance of vitamins
➢Assists in strengthening the immune
system of the body by promoting and
supporting the white blood cells

➢Vitamins also enhance the cellular
functions of metabolism breakdown
of amino acids.

➢Vitamins are essential for human

health and life because it is vital in
responses to immune system

The fat-soluble vitamins
➢ The fat-soluble vitamins are the
lipids which dissolve in fats and

➢ They are usually absorbed in
globules of fat where they travel
through the lymphatic sy...

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