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Watch the video below to see some of Shakespeare's insults in action.  Take notes as you watch.  You can also discuss some modern insults people use today (make sure they are creative insults and not swear words).

Apr 17th, 2015

  • Shakespeare's use of words
    • His plays have been remade more than any other playwright's
    • Shakespeare was able to use insults to unify the audience
    • Words, especially dialogue in a drama setting, are used to:
      • Set mood of the scene
      • Add atmosphere to the setting
      • Develop relationships between characters
    • Hamlet
      • Polonius offers to use his daughter Ophelia, who is in love with Hamlet, to figure out why Hamlet has been acting crazy since Claudius married Hamlet's mother
      • You're able to tell that Hamlet insults Polonius (called him a "fishmonger") by the way Polonius reacts.
      • It allows you to see that Hamlet isn't crazy because "fishmonger" in Elizabethan times meant "pimp." Hamlet accused Polonius of selling his daughter. This shows the bad relationship between Hamlet and Polonius.
    • Romeo and Juliet
      • Workers of the Montague and Capulet families bite their thumbs at each other, which was like giving someone the finger in that time
        • This shows that the two families hate each other so much that even their workers hate each other
      • Tybalt (Capulet) mocks Benvolio (Montague) and calls him a coward for trying to keep the peace. Benvolio is forced to fight to keep his honor.
        • This shows that Tybalt thinks of the Montagues as cowardly dogs and has no respect for them
        • Spoiler: Tybalt's hotheadedness is his hamartia, or the flaw that causes his downfall. Romeo kills him after Tybalt kills Benvolio.
    • Today's insults
      • The "your mom" jokes
        • These are basically insults directed at a person in which someone says something rude about the person's mother. Obviously most people don't like it when their families are insulted, so they get very upset.
      • The finger--this is basically just a rude gesture that is the modern equivalent of biting the thumb. It has an equally strong connotation.

May 14th, 2015

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Apr 17th, 2015
Apr 17th, 2015
Nov 18th, 2017
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