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please help me write a 5 page essay about throat cancer. double spaced 12.5 font (besides the title) and feel free to use bullet points. This essay should be about how throat cancer is caused, what are the symptoms, how can it be treated, what other problems can happen after being diagnosed (if any) and basically anything else that's related to throat cancer. Also please make sure you are not plagiarizing.

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Throat cancer
Cancer is referred to as a group of illnesses whereby unusual cells reproduce and split
overwhelmingly in the human body. The multiplication of these unusual cells form menacing
tumors identified as growths. Thus throat cancer is described as the cancer of the voice box, the
vocal cords as well as other areas of the gullet like the tonsils. Cancer of the throat grows in the
organs that help one to swallow, speak and breathe. There are two categories of throat cancer that
comprise of pharyngeal cancer and laryngeal cancer. For example, pharyngeal cancer develops in
the pharynx which is a muffled like tube that runs from the back of the snout to the uppers side
of the windpipe. On the other hand, laryngeal cancer affects the larynx which is human voice
box. Approximately, half of the throat cancer happens in the throat itself which is also known as
the pharynx while the rest start in the voice box.
There are various types of throat cancer and are classified according to where they are
located. Firstly, nasopharynx is the upper most part of the throat at the back of the nose. The
second type of throat cancer is the oropharynx which is the part behind the mouth. This type of
cancer is most likely to grow behind the tongue or in some cases the soft palate. Lastly is the
hypopharynx which is the narrow area at the back of the voice box. Throat cancer normally

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grows in the three main parts of the voice box that include glottis which holds the vocal cords,
supraglottis which is the area above the glottis and lastly sub glottis which is the area below the
vocal cords and above the windpipe. Every type of throat cancer has its stages and this explains
how worse the illness is. Mostly, both the first and second stages of throat cancer are smaller
cancer and stick to one ...

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