Look into the company you chose a bit deeper

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What I ask of you: Look into the company you chose a bit deeper. Identify an area that needs to be improved.

Follow the processes in chapter 7 to identify the paths forward. Dare to take chances and make recommendations. Think outside the box. Stretch yourselves.

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  • Opportunity for improvement
  • What does good look like?
  • How will you measure what is "good"?
  • What is the plan for improvement?
  • Improvement Cycles, when and how will you re-evaluate the status of the business?

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General Motors is an American multicultural corporation that
manufactures, designs, markets and distributes vehicles and vehicle
parts and sells financial services (Sloan, 2014). The company’s global
headquarters are in Detroit Michigan at the Renaissance Centre.
The company was founded in 1908 by William C. Durant and
remained as the leading vehicle manufacturer from 1931 to 2007.


According to recent studies, it shows that GM might outperform the
industry based on historical reproduction.
GM has recently been receiving some attention from stakeholders
drawn by its strong dividend profits, currently hovering around 4%.
That's surely a good reason to take a look at GM. But there's also an
argument to be made that CEO Mary Barra has GM on a path that
could lead to symbolic profit growth over the coming years as well.
South America is a region where GM has been experiencing loses.
Steep recessions in primary markets have put a restraint on new-car
sales across the industry. But GM has a robust competitive position
that makes the area worth continuing effort as the industry recovers.
Commercial vehicles such as trucks and vans are a good investment
and a growth opportunity for General Motors in the U.S. and China.
China is the most significant new-car market in the world, and GM is
the second-largest-selling automaker. It's a big source of income and
will likely expand over time (Sloan, 2014).


• Cadillac is GM's luxury brand, which is in the center of an $11 billion
revamp intended to make it internationally competitive with the
German luxury-car chains and a main lon...

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