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focus is about working with an inter-professional team. An inter-professional team help you manage your patients and practice. For your discussion post you will write what the ideal provider mix for an inter-professional team in primary care would look like.

this week has two dimensions to know the difference between a consultation and a referral. A consultation is a request for opinion or advice, so that the requestor can manage the patient. This is billed under one of the consultation codes listed in Physicians' Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) (99241-99245 for outpatient of office consultations). A referral is made when the referring provider wants to turn the management of the patient over to the referred-to provider, at least for the current complaint. The referred-to provider will bill an evaluation and management code, rather than a consultation code.

A minimum 2000 word paper on a referral and consultation request and include all key elements. I would consider using a 1000 words for the consultation section and 1000 words for the referral section.

  • Consultation: Document the evaluation and recommendations for how Ms. Wilson FNP-C, APRN, MSN should deal with the consultation request and bill a consultation code.
  • Referral: Write up a referral request and include all key elements. Document your referral to Dr. Owens and the evaluation/recommendations for how Dr. Owens should deal with the referral and bill a referral code.
  • Don’t forget to use APA format.
  • 5 current references ( with in the last 5 years)

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MN 569 Unit 6 Assignment grading rubric. Referrals Instructors: Enter total available points in cell H2, and values Content Rubric Introductory - Not submitted or largely incomplete. Work may indicate very little if any comprehension of content. Emergent - Work shows some comprehension but errors indicating miscomprehension may be present. 0 - 1.9 2 - 2.9 Referral Request Referral request omits more than 4 essential elements or is not submitted. Consultation Request Consultation request omits Consultation request omits more than 4 essential 3-4 essential elements. elements or is not submitted. Referral request omits 3-4 essential elements. (Do Not Change criteria below) Writing Deduction Rubric (everyone starts with 4's = no deductions) Introductory Emergent 0-1 2 Grammar & Punctuation Spelling The overall meaning of the paper is difficult to understand. Sentence structure, subject verb agreement errors, missing prepositions, and missing punctuation make finding meaning difficult. Several confusing sentences, or 1 to 2 confusing paragraphs make understanding parts of the paper difficult, but the overall paper meaning is clear. Many subject verb agreement errors, run-on sentences, etc. cause confusion. Many typos, misspelled The many misspelled words words, or the use of and incorrect words choices incorrect words making significantly interfere with the understanding difficult in a readability. few places. The order of information is confusing in several places Paper has some good and this organization information or research, but it interferes with the meaning does not follow assignment or intent of the paper. Order of Ideas & However, the paper has a Length Requirement directions and is lacking in overall organization and generally discernible content. purpose and follows assignment directions overall. APA This is an attempt use APA formatting and citing. There There is some attempt at are both in-text citations APA formatting and citing. and reference listings. There are one or more Citation information may be missing parts such as the missing or incorrect (i.e. cover page or references list. Websites listed as in-text or Citation information may be reference citations). There missing. Citation mistakes is an attempt to cite all make authorship unclear. outside sources in at least one place. Authorship is generally clear. Feedback: ubric. Referrals nts in cell H2, and values between 0 and 4 in the yellow Total available points = Practiced - Work indicates overall progress toward comprehension. Minor errors may present. Proficient/Mastered Work is complete and indicates full comprehension of content. 3 - 3.9 4 Referral request omits 1-2 essential elements. Complete referral request written to provider for the current complaint. Includes all essential elements, including patient identification, referring provider information, reason for referral, treatments patient has undergone to date, evaluation and management codes. Complete consultation request written to provider for current complaint. Includes all essential elements, including, patient identification, reason for the Consultation request omits 1consult, consulting provider’s 2 essential elements. information, current evaluation and recommendations or treatments and correct CPT code for consult. Score Weight Final Score 4 50% 2.00 4 50% 2.00 Content Score Practiced Proficient/Mastered 3 4 10 Score Weight 10 Final Score A few confusing sentences make it difficult to understand a small portion of the paper. However, the overall meaning of a paragraph and the paper are intact. There may be a few subject verb agreement errors or some missing punctuation. There are one or two confusing sentences, but the overall sentence and paragraph meanings are clear. There are a few minor punctuation errors such as comma splices or runon sentences. 4 35% 1.40 Some misspelled words or the misuse of words such as confusing then/than. However, intent is still clear. A few misspelled words normally caught by spellcheckers are present but do not significantly interfere with the overall readability of the paper. 4 35% 1.40 The overall order of the information is clear and The order of information is contributes to the meaning of confusing in a few places assignment. There is one and the lack of organization paragraph or a sentence or two interferes with the meaning that are out of place or other or intent of the paper in a minor organizational issues. A minor way. few sentences may be long and hard to understand. Meets length requirements. 4 20% 0.80 There is an overall attempt at APA formatting and citation style. All sources appear to have some form of citation both in the text and on a reference list. There are some formatting and citation errors. Citations generally make authorship clear. 4 10% 0.40 There is a strong attempt to cite all sources using APA style. Minor paper formatting errors such as a misplaced running head or margins may occur. Minor in-text citation errors such as a missing page number or a misplaced date may occur. Quotation marks and citations make authorship clear. Writing 0 Deduction Final Score Percentage 10 100%
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