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Write your report and turn it in below. Here (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.is a example. Describe how you conducted the survey, report your findings (use the group data), and analyze your findings. Go here http://www.pewresearch.org/ (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. to find examples of how you might present your data in graph or table form. You do not have to discuss every question. However, have a systematic method of determining which questions you will discuss, for example, you will discuss the questions where there is the most agreement.

Grading rubric:

1. demonstrates the ability to do sociological research

2. it is at least two pages, double-spaced (at least 600 words)

My answers to the survey are bolded under each question.

Instructions for adding your data (here is a sample): 1. Add your name and initials at question 4. 2. Add the questions that you created on the left column of the table below. Your question should be in this format: Which gender is likely to ____ ? a. Males b. Females c. Either or both d. Neither 3. Fill in the responses of your participants (after others have inputted their questions). If the subject is female, put an F before her age, then add her age, then add your initials. 4. Use this data to write your report Add your name here (put your initials in parenthesis) Mary Joy Gumayagay (MJG) Sara E Mastin (SEM) Carson Schirmer (CS) Megan Lopez (ML) Alexis Fulton (AF) Christa Victorino Nikiforuk (CVN) Miriam Hernandez (MH) Hayli Todd (HT) Nico Boyd (NB) Jaime Galli (JLG) Kailani Anguay (KA) Jenette Garcia (JG) Logan Baugh (LB) Carson Schirmer (CS) Alexandra Orozco AO Alec Bolla (AB) Hallie Lassiter (HL) Hannah Melton (HM) Savannah Silva (SS) Jessica Odom (JO) Taylor Free (TF) Kelsey Stephens (KS) Add your questions and your responses in the table below: Which gender is likely to engage in the following hookup behaviors? Question Men Women Both One-night stand? F21AF F35CVN M40JG F19MH M22SEM M42aMJG F36MJG F20HM M21HL F28JO M26(TF) F20MH M24AF F21KA F20CS M36CVN M21CS F37JG M24MH F42(JLG) F21(JLG) F30SEM F19AO M19AO M23AB F23AB M42bMJG F29MJG F19HM F19SS M18HL F20KS Drunk hookups? M22SEM F36MJG F19MH F21(JLG) F21AF M24AF F21KA F20LB M36CVN F35CVN F20CS M21CS M40JG F37JG M24MH F42(JLG) F30SEM F19AO M19AO M23AB F20KS F23AB Neither M42aMJG M42bMJG F28JO F29MJG F20HM F19SS F19HM M18HL M21HL M26(TF) Regret the hook-up F42(JLG) F19SS M24AF F21KA M36CVN M35CVN F20CS M40JG F37JG F19MH F21(JLG) M22SEM F19AO M19AO M23AB F23AB M42aMJG F36MJG F20HM F29MJG F19HM M21HL M26(TF) F20KS F21AF M21CS M24MH F30SEM M42bMJG M18HL F28JO Try to reach out after one night stand F29MJG F19SS F20HM F21AF M24AF F22MH F21KA M36CVN F35CVN F20KS F20CS M21CS M40JG F21(JLG) M22SEM M19AO M42aMJG M42bMJG F19HM F30SEM F36MJG F37JG F19MH M24MH F42(JLG) F19AO F23AB M23AB M21HL M18HL F28JO M26(TF) Make the first sexual move Ask if the other person has ever been tested for STDs? F21AF F21KA F24LB M36CVN M35CVN F20CS F19HM M40JG F19MH F37JG M24MH F19AO F23AB M42aMJG F36MJG F19SS F20HM M21HL M18HL M26(TF) F20KS M36CVN M40JG M24MH F42(JLG) M22SEM F36MJG F29MJG F19HM M21HL M24AF M21CS F42(JLG) F21(JLG) M22SEM F30SEM M19AO F20LB M23AB M42bMJG F28JO F29MJG F20LB M24AF F21AF F35CVN F20CS M21CS F37JG F19MH F21(JLG) F30SEM M19AO M42aMJG F19SS F20HM F20KS F19AO F23AB M23AB M42bMJG M18HL F28JO M26(TF) Ask about birth control? F21AF M21CS F19MH F30SEM M19AO M42aMJG F19SS F20HM F28JO M26(TF) F35CVN F42(JLG) F36MJG M21HL M22LB M24AF M36CVN F20CS M40JG F37JG M24MH F21(JLG) M22SEM F19AO F19HM M23AB F23AB M42bMJG M18HL F20KS F29MJG Get strings attached after the hookup? F29MJG M24AF M36CVN F35CVN F20CS M40JF F37JG F19MH F20KS F42(JLG) M22SEM F19AO M23AB M42aMJG F36MJG F19HM M21HL F28JO M26(TF) F20LB M21CS M24MH F21(JLG) M19AO F23AB F19SS F20HM M18HL F21AF F30SEM M42bMJG Hook up with the same person more than once? F36MJG Talk to their friends about the hook M24MH up? F42(JLG) M22SEM F29MJG F28JO M26(TF) F29MJG M18HL M24AF F21AF M36CVN F35CVN F20CS M21CS M24MH F20KS M40JG F37JG F19MH F42(JLG) F21(JLG) M22SEM F30SEM F20HM F19AO M19AO M23AB F23AB M42aMJG F19HM F19SS M21HL F28JO M26(TF) F21AF F35CVN F20CS M40JG F19MH F21(JLG) F36MJG F20HM M18HL M24AF M36CVN M21CS F37JG F30SEM F19AO F19HM M19AO F23AB M23AB M42aMJG M42bMJG F19SS M21HL F20KS Carry a condom for the possibility of hook-up? F21AF F35CVN F20CS M21CS M40JG F37JG F19MH M24MH F42(JLG) F21(JLG) M22SEM F30SEM F19AO M19AO M23AB F20HM F23AB F36MJG F19HM F19SS F28JO M26(TF) F20KS M21HL M22LB M36CVN M42aMJG F29MJG M18HL Hook-up with an ex? F42(JLG) F21(JLG) M22SEM F29MJG M18HL F28JO F19MH M26(TF) M24AF F21AF M35CVN F35CVN F20CS M21CS M40JG F27SS F19SS F37JG M24MH F30SEM F19AO M19AO M23AB F23AB M42aMJG M42bMJG F19HM F36MJG M24AF M42bMJG M21HL F20KS Pick someone up at a bar? Get picked up at the bar? F27NB M30NB M24AF F35CVN F20CS M40JG F20HM F37JG M19AO F21(JLG) M22SEM M42aMJG F36MJG F19HM F19SS F28JO F20KS F19MH M26(TF) F21AF M36CVN M21CS M24MH F42(JLG) F30SEM F19AO F23AB M23AB M42bMJG F29MJG M21HL M18HL F27NB M30NB M24AF F35CVN F20CS M21CS F19MH F21(JLG) F19AO M19AO F23AB F20HM M42aMJG F36MJG F19SS F29MJG F19HM M21HL F21AF M36CVN M40JG F37JG M24MH F42(JLG) M22SEM F30SEM M23AB M42bMJG M18HL F28JO M26(TF) F20KS Try to sneak out before the other person wakes up? F21AF F35CVN M21CS M40JG F19MH F42(JLG) M22SEM F36MJG F20HM M18HL M21HL F21(JLG) M42aMJG M42bMJG F19SS M24AF F20CSM36 CVN F37JG M24MH F30SEM F19AO F29MJG F19HM M26(TF) F20KS M19AO Will leave immediately after sex? M24AF M40JG F37JG F19MH F42(JLG) F21(JLG) M22SEM M42bMJG F36MJG F19HM F19SS M26(TF) F29MJG M21HL M36CVN M21CS F30SEM M23AB F23AB M42aMJG F20HM M18HL F20KS F28JO F21AF F35CVN F20CS M24MH F19AO M19AO Ghost the other person after the hookup? M40JG F19MH F30SEM M42aMJG M42bMJG F20HM M18HL F19SS M21HL F21KA M24AF F21AF M36CVN F35CVN F20CS M21CS F37JG M24MH F42(JLG) F21(JLG) M22SEM M19AO F19AO M23AB F20KS F23AB F36MJG M26(TF) F29MJG H19HM F28JO Hook up with multiple people in one night? F21AF M36CVN F35CVN F20CS M21CS M40JG F37JG F19MH F20HM F20KS M24MH F19AO M23AB F19HM F23AB M42aMJG M21HL F28JO M26(TF) M19AO M42bMJG F19SS M24AF F42(JLG) F21(JLG) M22SEM F30SEM F36MJG F29MJG M18HL Hook up with someone without asking their name? M36CVN M40JG F19MH F29MJG F19HM F19SS F28JO F20KS F42(JLG) F21(JLG) F36MJG M18HL M24AF F21AF F35CVN F20CS M21CS F37JG F20HM M24MH M22SEM F30SEM F19AO M19AO M23AB F23AB M42aMJG M42bMJG M21HL M26(TF) Hook up with someone and not remember? F21AF M22SEM M42aMJG F36MJG F28JO F20KS Tell others about the experience? F28JO M26(TF) Engage in the behavior more than once a week? F28JO F20KS M24AF M36CVN F35CVN F20CS M21CS M40JG F37JG M24MH F30SEM F19SS F21SS F20HM F19AO M19AO M23AB F23AB F29MJG F19HM M21HL M18HL M18HL F20SS F19SS F20HM M21HL F20KS F22SS M20SS M21HL M18HL M26(TF) F19MH F42(JLG) F21(JLG) M42bMJG M26(TF) Ask if their hookup is in a relationship? F28JO M26(TF) F20KS Ask what kind of sexual experience the other prefers. Ask if their hookup is married? F20KS F28JO M26(TF) F20KS

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School: Carnegie Mellon University

Please find attached. Thank you.






Hook Survey Report


Hook Survey Report

Dating and hook up are among the controversial issues that are impacting on most people
in the society today (Braboy et al, 2011). Married individuals and those in relationships express
their romance in different ways to show appreciation and love to their counterparts (Braboy et al,
2011). While dating is viewed as a gender-based activity in which the individuals engage in
planning for a particular activity, hooking up involves the pairing of two people who participate
in meal taking and sexual activities. It is imperative to explore the behaviors that both the
females and males engage in when dating and hooking up.
The resear...

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