the fall of the roman empire in the west

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the fall of the roman empire in the west marked the beginning of the historical period, we call that the middle ages. explain in an essay how with the influx of German barbarian tribes, roman culture changed over time to produce a medieval civilization.

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o Accessibility Mode Print e Find a ... B. - - than 8:35Pm on 12/18/17. Anyone failing to comply with all of the terms above will receive a grade of F for the final exam. The instructions for the exam are as follows: Se on A: Write an essay on the topic below: the fall of the Roman Empire in the West marked the beginning of the historical period we call he Middle Ages. Explain in an essay how, with the influx of German barbarian tribes, Roman culture changed over time to produce a "Medieval" civilization. " Be sure to mention the role of the Church in converting the pagan tribesmen, the importance of the German idea of the verbal oath versus the written Roman contract, and the importance of the German "war leader” with his armed men around him. How did these factors change the culture bver time from a Roman one to a mixed Roman and Germanic "Medieval" culture and contribute the development of feudalism in western Europe? Section B: Write an essay on 2 of the 3 topics below: 1. Some of the major factors that contributed to the fall of the Roman Empire were:
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The fall of the Roman Empire has been blamed on many things. However chief among
them is the rise of Christianity and the increased presence of German barbarians in the region.
During the final the final years of the Roman Empire, the church accumulated more and more
power, to the point that they became an integral part of the political activities of the empire. The
Roman emperor at the time was very weak and could not stop the ascension of the church.
Christianity also made the Romans pacifists, and as a result, they were less aggressive towards
the German tribes that had encroached onto their borders
The German tribes were originally from Scandinavia. These tribes included the
Lombards, Vandals, Goths, Franks, Alamanni, and Burgundians among others. They started
moving south in the year in the year 1000 BCE, and by 100 BCE they had reached land
bordering the Roman Empire (east of the Rhine and north of the Danube river). Cesar had heard
about these tribes by the year 51 BCE and considered them a huge threat (Frassetto, 2003). They
were, however, a very small grouped compared to the Romans and had no real specialization.
They were farmers with poor tools, and as a result, they were unable to produce enough to
sustain themselves. They lived in poverty and had no real weapons and they could as a result not
attack the Romans as of yet. They also had a clan system and did not have a common political
leader. War chiefs were only elected during ...

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