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Which of the following is NOT true of a human resources (HR) department in an organization? Is responsible for acquiring and managing all of an organization’s personnel Is responsible for initial and recurrent training Is responsible for defining the activities of all personnel, except IT personnel Takes a lead role in the accountability of all personnel actions ============================================================= _______________ are mechanisms that recognize when an undesired action has occurred, such as motion detectors or usage log analysis diagnostics. corrective controls detective controls preventive controls security policies ============================================================W hich of the following is the best tool for uncovering evidence of past behavior that might indicate a potential employee is a security risk? Background check RACI matrix Non-disclosure agreement Employment application ============================================================ Regarding user security clearances, in addition to possessing a clearance level that matches or exceeds the classification label of an object, a subject must have the ___________ for the object as well. need to know background check discretionary access control responsibility ========================================== What is NOT a characteristic of an ordinary uninterruptible power supply (UPS)? Provides backup battery power to a device when AC power is not available Protects against power surges Shuts down the device in a structured manner Provides AC power on a long-term basis ================================================== Which of the following authentication types is generally the strongest? Type I—what you know Type II—what you have Type III—what you are All types are equally strong =============================================== Ensuring compliance in the Workstation Domain satisfies two main purposes: increases information security and ____________. reduces threats reduces liability increases threats increases liability ====================================== Which of the following is NOT a form of authentication? What you know What you see What you are What you have ======================================== What is meant by networking services software? Software that provides connection and communication services for users and devices Software that provides the interface between the hardware and the application layer software Software that copies specified packets from a network interface to an output device, generally a file A standard that defines standards for WLAN communication protocols ========================================== Transmission ________ means never sending information across the network in the clear. compliance protocol security encryption ============================================ The hardware that provides one or more services to users, such as server computers, printers, and network storage devices, are known as: Connection media Networking devices Server computers and services devices Nodes ================================================ Which of the following best describes Media Access Control (MAC)? A unique identifier assigned to a network node Hardware devices that connect other devices and computers using connection media A set of rules that governs communication Software that provides the interface between the hardware and the Application Layer software ================================================== What is meant by distributed application? An organization that provides a connection to the Internet A network hardware device or software that detects unusual network activity that might represent an intrusion, and takes action to stop the attack A set of software functionality that a client accesses using a prescribed interface An environment in which the components that make up an application reside on different computers =================================================== The two main types of attacks that may originate from within an organization are internal attacks on the organization and _______________. internal attacks on employees internal-to-external attacks on another organization external attacks on the organization internal attacks on senior management ===================================================== In one step of a penetration test, as much information as possible is collected about the target environment. At this stage, the attacker is collecting both technical and nontechnical information. Both types of information can help the attacker determine how the organization operates, where it operates, and which characteristics the organization and its customers' value. This is: Reconnaissance Footprinting Scanning and enumeration Vulnerability identification ========================================================= As a policy, consider all ____________ to be hostile and insecure. local area networks (LANs) secure virtual private networks (VPNs) wide area networks (WANs) LAN-to-WAN Domains ===================================================== Which of the following best describes the WAN Domain? A persistent connection between two nodes that allows bidirectional communication as if the connection were a direct connection with both nodes in the same network A hybrid network that uses Ethernet on a MAN A permanent circuit between two endpoints An IT domain that covers the equipment and activities outside of the LAN and beyond the LAN-to-WAN Domain ========================= What is a metro Ethernet? A hybrid network that uses Ethernet in a metropolitan area network (MAN) Another name for a Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) network A persistent connection between two nodes that allows bidirectional communication as if the connection were a direct connection with both nodes in the same network Another name for an Ethernet local area network (LAN) ============ You want to configure devices to send an alert to the network manager when remote users connect to your network. Which protocol is the best choice for monitoring network devices? Secure Sockets Tunneling Protocol (SSTP) Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) Layer 2 Forwarding (L2F) Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) =============== Which of the following best describes authentication in the Remote Access Domain? A protocol that encrypts each message for transport by a nonencrypting protocol The process of providing a user ID or user name The process of providing additional credentials that match the user ID or user name The process of looking up authorization information for a user and assigning rights and privileges based on the user's security settings =============== There are three main strategies for encrypting data to send to remote users. One strategy does not require any application intervention or changes at all; the connection with the remote user handles the encryption. This is: System connection encryption Application connection encryption Application data encryption Application header encryption ================= What name is given to a collection of storage devices that is attached to a network in such a way that the devices appear to be local storage devices? Virtual machine Data center Rack system Storage area network (SAN) ===================== The ____________ provides the environment for the applications you run as clients on your network and the computer systems that house them. test environment storage area network distributed applications System/Application Domain ====================== What is meant by software configuration management (SCM)? Software that can measure end-user response time for application software server requests as well as end-user traffic volume A formal method for managing changes to a software application A method of encrypting an entire database that is transparent to the user and requires no input or action A plan that documents the steps to restore business operation after an interruption ======================== A code of ethics for IT auditors and organizations primarily helps to set clear ___________. IT guidelines financial guidelines career goals expectations ...
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