History of Women in the military

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I need a thesis that I will give a speech on written about the history of women in the military. I have attached the requirements/guidelines.

COM107 – Introduction to Communication Outline - Informative Speech Project Due: 11:59 p.m. EST, Sunday of Unit 7. Total Points: 50 Project Overview: This project consists of two parts: a written outline and a presentation video. You will develop a detailed outline in preparation for your speech, then present an informative speech on the topic of your choice. Your outline will be submitted through the unit assignment link. Outline Instructions: You should address the following elements in your informative speech outline: General Information 1. Title/Topic 2. General Purpose a. The general purpose of any speech will be to either inform, persuade or entertain 3. Specific Purpose a. The specific purpose is a one-sentence statement that includes the objective you want to accomplish in your speech. b. A good specific purpose statement is audience centered, agrees with the general purpose, addresses one main idea, and is realistic. c. Try beginning your specific purpose with, “By the end of my speech, the audience will be better informed about….” 4. Thesis Statement a. The thesis statement is a one sentence summary of the central idea of your speech that you either explain or defend. b. A good thesis statement is declarative, agrees with your general and specific purpose, and focuses and narrows your topic. Introduction 1. Attention Getter a. You can use humor, cite a startling fact/statistic, use a quotation, ask a question, or tell a story. b. Be sure your attention getter is appropriate for the topic and audience. 2. Introduction of Topic a. This should be a one-sentence statement and should come early in the introduction of your speech. 3. Credibility and Relevance a. Mention any training, expertise, credentials, firsthand experience, or personal interest related to your topic. b. Tell the audience why they should care about your speech! Be sure the audience understands the benefits of listening and the relevance of the information to them. 4. Preview Statement a. The preview statement should narrow your introduction of the topic down to the main ideas you will focus on in your speech. b. The preview statement should be one sentence and preview the main points in the same sequence/order you discuss them in your speech. 5. Transition Sentence a. This should be the transition sentence you plan to use to move into or introduce the first main point in the body of your speech. Body 1. Main Point #1 a. Supporting Materials/Evidence b. Supporting Materials/Evidence c. Transition Sentence 2. Main Point #2 a. Supporting Materials/Evidence b. Supporting Material/Evidence c. Transition Sentence 3. Main Point #3 a. Supporting Materials/Evidence b. Supporting Materials/Evidence c. Transition Sentence Conclusion 1. Transition to Conclusion and Summary of Importance a. This is the “take-away” message, or other place where you can answer the “so what?” question. b. This can often be a rewording of your thesis statement. 2. Review of Main Points a. The review of main points is very similar to the preview of main points in the introduction. 3. Closing Statement a. Do not put an artificial end to your speech! (“that’s all I have” “that’s it” “thank you”) b. The closing statement should relate to the overall speech and should provide some “take-away” message that may leave an audience thinking about your topic. References 1. List a minimum of three academic references/sources you will use in proper APA format. Visuals 1. List what visuals you plan to use and how they will be incorporated/integrated into your speech. 7-Day Speech Development and Delivery Checklist:  Monday – Choose a topic and create a thesis draft.  Tuesday – Gather research, refine your topic and thesis statement.  Wednesday – Refine your research and begin an outline draft.  Thursday – Refine your outline, research (citations), and final thesis.  Friday – Practice your speech in front of a mirror, touch up your outline, and create speaking notes.  Saturday – Practice your speech to an audience (stuffed animals, Russian dolls, or action figures will work if you don’t have a human audience available- be creative). Refine your speech.  Sunday – Deliver your speech on camera and post it to Blackboard. Use your full body by either standing or sitting. This ensures that you can use gestures and visual aids effectively. Evaluation Rubric for the Outline - Informative Speech Project CONTENT (50 points) CRITERIA Needs Work Satisfactory Proficient Exemplary 0-5 points 6-7 points 8-9 points 10 points Introduction Intro is significantly over or under 10% of the total time of presentation. Speaker does not use an attention getter. Intro is over or under 10% of total time of presentation and needs more organization. Speaker's attention getter is generic and not engaging. Intro takes close to 10% of total time of presentation and is well organized. Speaker uses an attention getter but needs more creativity. Intro takes 10% of the total time of presentation, is concise and organized. Speaker uses a creative and effective attention getter. Thesis & Preview Thesis and preview of main points are missing or difficult to understand. Thesis and/or preview of main points need to be more concise. May be confusing, too wordy or too general. Speaker articulates thesis and preview of main points but may need more development or connection to topic. Thesis is well developed and simply stated. Speaker clearly articulates preview of main points. Body of Speech Speaker does not present the main points in an effective way. There is no detail or supporting information to validate main points. Speaker briefly summarizes the main points and gives little detail in support of them. Information doesn't have strong connections to topic. Speaker presents information in a clear way but may need to work on adding more details in support of main ideas or on the delivery. Speaker presents information in a clear, enthusiastic and effective way. Main points are stressed and supported by plenty of details. Supporting Materials Speaker does not cite any real supporting materials throughout the speech and lacks credibility on the topic. Speaker uses only personal experience as supporting material and needs to add other materials to gain credibility. Speaker uses an adequate amount of supporting material but needs to work on citing them within the body of the speech. Speaker uses plenty of supporting materials, including personal experience and cites them within the body of the speech. Conclusion Speaker doesn't summarize the main points of the speech or end in a memorable way. Speech comes to an awkward or abrupt end. Speaker doesn't summarize main points of the speech in an effective way. Speaker doesn't end in a memorable way or the closing thought is too generic. Speaker summarizes the main points of speech but lacks creativity in the transition. Speaker's closing thought is memorable but could use more imagination. Speaker summarizes the main points of the speech in a creative and effective way. Speaker's final thought is memorable and powerful.

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The History of Women In The Military.




The History of Women In The Military
General Purpose
The general idea of this speech is to elaborate the history of women in the military, how
they joined the military that is the reasons that pushed women to join the military, the roles they
played and the challenges they encountered in the field while serving as militants.

Specific purpose
This is an informative speech regarding the strength of a woman, what exactly provoked
women to serve in the war fields. The reasons as to why a woman despite her fears and
intimidation in the society decided to enroll in the military. There is also the issue of the progress
of women in terms of how women joined the military, how many they were, how many got
serious injuries, how many died, how many were promoted as well as how many resigned from
the job as soldiers. Last but not the least are the challenges that these women faced on the
battlefield and how they overcame them while in the field. The speech will also cover the
success of women in the mili...

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