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Write a progress report to your supervisor of 1–2 pages that addresses the following topics concerning your annual festival:

  1. Write an initial greeting of thanks to your supervisor for being collaborative and supportive.
  2. Give a general overview of how the project is proceeding, including the following:
    • Operational successes
    • Description of a planned festival; activity
    • Description of challenges and problems confronting the planning teams
    • Current and projected cost analyses
  3. Make a request for additional assistance (if necessary).
  4. Write positive closing remarks that underscore the ongoing value of the project.


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I would like to begin this letter by extending my sincere gratitude for the ongoing professional, moral contribution you have allotted myself as well as the countless of other individuals who have dedicated their time to the annual festival. I genuinely hope that you will continue your support as it would be so much needed and appreciated for the duration of the project. The project is half-way complete and my team takes pride in the successes we have achieved so far. As you are aware, our planning team went a notch higher this year by setting new benchmarks in the number of events in this year’s festivals relative to the previous year. This year’s festivals will have a host of activities ranging from games, team-building activities and excursions. This year we have a new game in the offing in the tug-of-war competitions that will pit employees against one another. The preparations of the venue for the games, the facilities that will be used and the officials that will oversee the games is on course. As a matter of fact, we are done with all these aspects save for the provision of first aid kit, movable amenities and kits that will be worn by participating players. I exude confidence that this will be complete in due course. We are also planning an employee excursion to the Rock Hill Community Centre where there shall be a hubbub of activities slated for the day. We have contacted Rock Hill Community Centre officials and they have approved the proposal. We have slated a couple of activities that will enunciate the backbone of our company- team work and spirit. In line with these values, we have a quiz challenge, egg-challenge, and the ninja-challenge and an-all get together session. All these activities were a part of last year’s festival. This year however, we plan to visit Rock Hill Community Correctional facility and provide mentoring and counseling services. We shall also partake some of their day-to-day activities as a way of making a difference in our communities. The process of preparing this annual festival could have been hard without the support of the company, the industry of the team and your continued support. There have been a few challenges however, that have delayed our schedules. We have been experiencing challenges in the approval of our expenditure estimates for each activity. In addition, some expenditure may have been underestimated and for such, we still have to ask for surplus or additional funding. Occasionally, these two aspects have deterred our progress. Relative to last years’ expenditure at this stage of implementing the plans we have for the festival, the cost is $ 5500 more and stands at $ 11500. The difference is brought by the introduction of a new game – tug-of-war and the excursion to the Rock Hill Community Centre. In light of the above issues, it is our humble request that you shall continue giving us the support we need and the direction needed to keep this project on course. We also request that the time lag comes about as a result of approving expenditures and request for additional funding is shortened. In the event of any major issue that requires your incisive thoughts and involvement, we are free to keep you posted. We are positive that this project is on course and that it will beat the deadline as far as its completion is concerned. At this juncture, my team wishes to reiterate that all activities that in this year’s festival package will bring intrinsic and extrinsic value to our employees and the community we serve.
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