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i want you to rewrite the whole report and make sure their is no plagiarism. module name is "Knowledge management and business intelligence" and its just 2000 words.

Knowledge management and business intelligence “Knowledge management and business intelligence (COMP 1010)” Individual Assignment Table of contents : Introduction …………………………………………………………………………….… 3-4 Task 2 ………………………….……………………………………………………….…… 5-8 Task 3……………..……………………………………………………..…………….……8-9 Conclusion ………………………………….…………………………………………… 10 Reference list ………..………………………………………….………………….… 11 1 Knowledge management and business intelligence Introduction : Knowledge is the important strength that organisation should have. Knowledge is knowing information which is gained by experience and association ( Steve,ND ). HSBC bank it is one of the largest banking and financial organisation. They are dealing with customers who are more than 45 million over the world. 71 countries that their network cover in the world. In June 2012, HSBC Oman merged with Oman International bank. Since 1948 HSBC bank has been presented in Oman and that time this bank was the only one bank operating in Oman. The first issue of the Omani currency was assisted in 1970 (Anon,ND). So I choose the specific department in this bank, which is operation department or a back office team is like the backbone of banking or be it any other industry. The roles of this department are considered as 2 Knowledge management and business intelligence the subject matter experts as they are the last leg of processing. Another very important role of operation is to manage healthy working relationship with line s of business to be able to understand the problem and challenges faced by customers and front line. Additionally operation has the maximum opportunity to streamline process and remove unnecessary touchpoint and directly contributes to the end to end customer journey. Historically operation teams are large in number hence it is important that managers are people centric as they dealing is mostly with people. They believe people work for people. The various methods used by myself to collect information are as follows: a) Internet and the Google. b) The Bank's official website. c) Interview with staff who are working with the Bank within the Operations department and other functions as well. The entire experience in data gathering and interacting with people working in the corporate world has been very enriching and will be networking with them more frequently to gain more insights. This report contain 3 questions which I have to cover them in term of HSBC Bank Oman operation department’s knowledge management. The first point is about what are the knowledge which this department get and find it. Also which method that they using to get a knowledge from seniors and experts and at the end I have to write what knowledge seen in people and artefacts. The second point is about how they saving a knowledge through which tools and what technologies that they using. In third point I have to write where they applying these knowledge in their department, how they sharing the knowledge and how disseminated. 3 Knowledge management and business intelligence Task 2: Knowledge captured: Operations department is considered to be the backbone of any organization irrespective of the type of industry. Whilst the department might not have direct interaction with the end customer's they contribute directly to the entire customer journey based on the services and processes completed by them. The front line team has a heavy dependency on the back-office teams to ensure customer commitments are achieved in a timely manner. The coordination between the backoffice department and the rest of the Bank is like a hand in glove to achieve organisational goal/vision and mission. Is the process of knowledge which convert from tacit to explicit and conversely through the externalisation and internalisation sub-process. Outside the organisational boundaries the knowledge being captured containing customers, competitors, consultant, and suppliers. 4 Knowledge management and business intelligence Externalisation: through this sub-process the organisation can capture the tacit knowledge and then it can be documented and shared. The tacit knowledge is often hard to articulate so this process is difficult. Internalisation: through this sub-process the workers get the tacit knowledge. It is the traditional nation of learning. Outside the organisation the knowledge can be capture ( Virkus,2011 ). Knowledge capturing in operation department of HSBC Bank Oman: The different type of Knowledge are available in this company Tacit and Explicit ( Anon,ND ). Tacit: It is information or knowledge which is in people brain it hard to share or get. Explicit: It is information or knowledge which is documented and it can be share in easy way. So the operation department in HSBC Bank they capturing the tacit knowledge in different way through interview face to face with an employee in operation department as payment manager said that they doing many time interview with individual employee so it is the way to get the information from both side also to know what knowledge that the employee have and it is useful for them so this is the good way to share the knowledge between employees in department. The second way as they said sending employees for the courses in different branches outside the country so there will be the communication between different type of people with different nationalities in this way also the employees can capture different knowledge and information. The third way is meeting every Thursday they had one meeting between manager and employees so as they said this is the one of the ways to capture the knowledge in their department. Capturing the explicit Knowledge in operation department in the bank, through the manual which include the procedure and information about the department which will help the employees to get the information in any time and any where. Methods used in operation department of HSBC Bank to elicit the knowledge from experts: The employees of operation department they are getting knowledge from experts through 5 Knowledge management and business intelligence Meetings: it will be like brain storming through weekly meeting that they doing. So this will let employees to gain the knowledge from experts by asking them questions and get the answer from them. Observation: through this method, while working in department they look and observe how the seniors or experts are working in week load and how they solving the problems. Story telling: As they said they doing interview with individual employee, so through this interview the employees are listening to the experts experience so they can get and learn the knowledge. Knowledge found in people and artifacts: The most knowledge founded in employees of operation department. It is depends on work which they working in their department, the experience that they applying while they working. Performance appraisal is the way for the top management to found the what the knowledge that the department managers have about their staff in department. The documentation that the department doing is one of the artefacts. As I mentioned above that the company have manual which include all that rules and regulation where the employee can apply and avoid things which they have to avoid them. Tools, technologies, and methods used to store knowledge in Operation department of HSBC: There are multiple ways used to store knowledge and the following are used: 1) Standard Operating Procedures for all the activities carried out within the department. 2) Online training or Self Paced learning 3) Human knowledge i.e Subject matter experts within each department and cross training. 4) Ongoing awareness sessions on the changes and mandatory training for all staff. 5) E-mails: when the experts send for employees things through email to apply them while working so this will be method to store the knowledge. 6 Knowledge management and business intelligence Last but not the least various advisory department exists to provide guidance on legal/regulatory requirements and can be contacted as in when required. Additionally, this being an international Bank there exists standard processes and systems across the region and people within other geographies can be contacted to adopt the best practices for efficiency gains. Places where the knowledge applied in Operation department of HSBC: The knowledge is applying in department’s work itself. What ever they doing they applying the knowledge, while writing the performance appraisal they applying the knowledge, and when they doing the training courses for existing or new employees also they applying the knowledge, So they applying the knowledge in many things in their department. Knowledge shared in Operation department of HSBC: The knowledge is utilized/applied to carry out day to day processing of various customer requests and performing checks to ensure such processing is completed as per the documented procedure. The knowledge is cascaded via various methods i.e. Team meetings, Floor cascades followed email to the teams with the changes, annual review and reading of policy and procedures. Task 3: SOWT analysis: It is a very best technique to know your strength and weakness, and for opportunities and threats identification. A little of thought the SWOT can be powerful, SOWT analysis can help you to explore your opportunities that are well-placed to utilize. And also the weakness of your business can be understand it, also the threats can be manage and eliminate ( Anon,ND ). Strength: From point of view of your customer and people in your business you can consider your strength. List of organization characteristics will be solution to difficulty to identify the strength. 7 Knowledge management and business intelligence - Different number of services in operation department. - In the department there are high skilled staffs available. - Applied knowledge management in the department let them to gain more experience. Weakness: On the basis of internal and external you can consider your weakness. - The employees cannot direct take any approval to the top management they have to wait for their manger to ask the top management. - Breaching SLAs (Service level approval) in operation department. - Less experience of knowledge management with some staff. Opportunities: Are the elements which be reasons to succeed your business. - More technologies to gain the knowledge. - Diversify in related services. Threats: It is threats which effect internal and external factor in organization. - Less number of staff and high level of works. - Competitors of the bank market. 8 Knowledge management and business intelligence Knowledge Audit: Now Future Operation department needs training knowledge development Operation department needs training knowledge development For the future operation department should do more training process for existing and new employees in knowledge management Inventory analysis of Knowledge Operation department has online training process Operation department should do training in their department to be easy to share knowledge Flow analysis of Knowledge Operation department has specific number of knowledge documentation to help in sharing knowledge between staff Operation department should put online documentation to share the knowledge in easy way at any time Mapping analysis of knowledge Operation department knows how to store the knowledge It will be better if there will be more storing process Conclusion : In conclude, knowledge management is important thing that every company should have, the efficiency will increase. Sharing knowledge is the way to share the information from people yo people, brain to brain, brain to document, and document to brain. Sharing the knowledge with different methods it is a best way for the company. Capturing knowledge from the experts it is a good thing, because not all people have same level of knowledge, so the experts who are seniors in the company and they have high level of knowledge. At the same time some people wont to share the knowledge and they have their reasons why they wont to share knowledge. 9 Knowledge management and business intelligence The analysation of this report is about the knowledge management in HSBC Bank Oman. I choose operation department of this bank to get the answers of my questions. The company has the knowledge but not that much, may they have but they wont to share as they said we cannot give all answers because it is something private so for our company privacy we can’t. As they said in their department they communicating with same department in other bank, but not that much sharing knowledge. Actually sharing the knowledge in different department in the company will increase the productivity of the company. Sharing the knowledge in department will create a positive relation between staff. My recommendation is that, the company has to hire more employees to increase high level of knowledge from different people. Also they have to give approval to the staff to be in track directly with top management. I didn't get that much information to do much better the report analysation it all because it is a bank and for privacy of their company they won’t give me the answers. Otherwise at the end the applying of the knowledge is great thing in their company. Thanks to payment manager Kawthar alzadjali and audit manager Santosh Pareek for being kind with me and trust on me. 10 Knowledge management and business intelligence References: Steve.D,(ND). What is a knowledge.[online]. Available at [Accessed 29/01/2017]. Virkus.S,(2011). Framework for information and knowledge managemnt.[online]. Available at r%20IKM/knowledge_management_processes_knowledge_capture.html [Accessed 29/1/2017]. Anon,(ND). Knowledge cafe.[online]. Available at [Accessed 30/01/2017]. Anon,(ND). SWOT analysis.[online]. Available at [Accessed 2/01/2017]. 11

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Any organization should be well versed with enough knowledge for it to be strong. The
information that is acquired either by interaction or experience is what Steve N.D refers to as
knowledge. HSBC bank is one of the biggest financial and banking institution. They are
managing customers who are more than 45 million all over the world. Their system covers 71 on
the globally. Oman International bank and HSBC Oman amalgamated in June 2012. HSBC bank

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