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Unit 2 Research Paper

Individual Assignment for Unit 2 is to submit your Review of Literature Research Paper - Investigate Organizational Problem.

Explore the greater body of literature in the study of management and identify specific theories and concepts that have an impact on how you will address and investigate an organizational problem.

Return to the lessons learned in your previous MSM courses and draw from the knowledge you have gained from specific texts, readings, and annotated bibliographies that are relevant as you write your own Review of Literature Research Paper.

Please review the grading rubric and respond in your paper to the various “sub heading areas to be evaluated.” Submit this Unit 2 iteration of your Review of Literature Research Paper to the Dropbox. This is an individual project from each student. Remember that this is a growing document and that other research components will be added in each unit as you move this research paper forward.

You will need to utilize APA format for this individual literature review project. Your Review of Literature Research Paper is a document that will grow and expand throughout the course. This version of your research paper in Unit 2 should be about 3 to 4 pages in length. It is likely that the final draft of your research paper in Unit 6 may be around 10 pages in length. You will be adding new sub heading sections to your paper in Units 3, 4, 5, and 6.

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