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In this essay, you will provide an overview of your approved information system (Service Now ticketing system) and describe the characteristics of the users of this information system. You will then focus the bulk of your essay on analyzing the features and usage of the information system, as well as the impact of the information system on the organization or individuals who use the information system. Detailed guidance on what to include in each of these sections is provided in the template that is attached to this assignment.

Replace this Line with the Title of Your Essay Your Name Goes Here 1 Replace this Line with the Title of Your Essay Start your introductory paragraph(s) here (i.e., delete all of my paragraphs of instruction after reading through them, and replace them with your own paragraphs for your essay). Leave the font for your essay on Arial 10, double-spaced (except for the reference page, which is single spaced). Leave the margins at 1 inch. Leave page numbering set to automatically number each page of the body of your essay in the upper-right corner of the page (the title page and reference page should not be numbered). The body of your essay should be 3-4 pages long (minimum of 1500 words), not including your title page and reference page. Write free flowing text (allow your writing to automatically wrap around to the next line as you type – do not hit Enter at the end of each line within a paragraph). Organize your essay into paragraphs within each section, but make sure all writing is in prose paragraphs (full sentences and complete paragraphs). Do not use lists in your essay and do not write in bullet statements. The only indentations you should have in your essay is one tab at the start of each paragraph, just like I have modeled for you in the way I have written these instructions. Do not put blank lines between paragraphs and do not put blank lines before or after section headings and sub-headings. You may include images or tables in your essay, if you deem them appropriate, but they do not count toward the 3-4 pages of body text that you are required to write, so adjust the length of your essay accordingly to compensate for space taken up by the images and/or tables. You should customize the title page by replacing the first two lines of text with your essay’s title and your name, respectively. You should also replace the heading at the top of this page with your essay’s title. However, do not modify or remove the section sub-headings that appear below, throughout the rest of your essay (i.e., “Characteristics of the Users of the System,” “Features and Usage of the System,” “Impact of the System,” “Conclusion,” and “References”) and do not add additional subheadings. Leave all of the section sub-headings in your document to keep it organized. Everyone is required to write the same sections in their essay. You will analyze your own unique approved information system, filling in each section of this template appropriately. Write in your own words and remember that your similarity rating must be 5% or less. Try to paraphrase and explain information you learn from your sources in your own words, rather than quoting 2 from your sources. Your reference page does not count towards your 5% allowable similarity. To check this, after your TurnItIn report is generated, there should be a filter you can click on in the report that will bring up the option to “Exclude Bibliography.” After selecting this option, your adjusted similarity rating needs to be 5% or less. I will select “Exclude Bibliography” on all essays before grading them, to adjust the actual similarity rating in your essay and confirm it is no more than 5%. Your introductory paragraph(s) should provide an overview of your information system by briefly describing your information system and explaining the purpose of the information system. You can also provide an overview of the primary users of the system, and the primary features and functions of the system. However, try not to be overly redundant in your introduction with what you have written (or will write) in the main sections in the body of your essay. Rather, give the reader an overview and whet their appetite to learn more about your information system. Characteristics of the Users of the System In this section, briefly describe the characteristics of the users of the system. Who are the users? If it is a work-related system, describe the employees or employee groups who use the system. If it is a personal web-based system, what types of people use this system? Features and Usage of the System Note that this section of your essay is worth 25% of your grade on this essay. Together, the “Features and Usage of the System” and the “Impact of the System” sections of your essay comprise half of your grade on this essay. So make sure these two sections of your essay are thorough and welldeveloped. These two sections together should be the main focus of this essay. In this section, describe what the system does, from a user’s perspective. When you log into the system, what choices do you have for what you can do with it? Look at the menu options in your system and decide which functions of the system are most important. Choose several of these functions/features and describe each one in its own well-developed paragraph. When describing a function, walk the user through that function, describing the interactions the user has with the system. What data or information does the user enter into that function? What does the information system do with that data? Does it transform it in some way? How is that data later retrieved or displayed (output)? What is that data used for? 3 As an example, if your information system is Facebook, you might describe “Status Updates” as one function of the system. You would describe the purpose of a status update and then describe how you use this function. You would describe how the user enters a status update (i.e., click on status update box and type your post). You would describe any options that the function has (i.e., add photos to your post, tag people in your post, add a location to your post, select the audience for your post, etc.). You would discuss what the system does with the data you input and you would describe how that information is displayed and output again. For example, for the Facebook “Status Update” function, you would describe how Facebook saves your status updates in its database, and how it displays it in your friends’ news feeds, as well as on your timeline. Remember to describe each feature or function of your system in a separate, well-developed paragraph. To continue with the Facebook example, other features could include the customizable settings, the News Feed, the Timeline, Messages, Groups, etc. You would fully describe each of these main features in a separate paragraph, covering the purpose, information inputs, processing (what the system does with information you input into that feature), and outputs or displays. For another example, if you are analyzing a work-related system, the output of some features of your system might take the form of reports generated for management, or automatically generated emails or notifications, or simply queries that you can run which display information on your computer screen. (One final note on this section – remember to focus on the usage of the system, rather than on specifics of the hardware and software of the system. You will go into more detail in analyzing the hardware and software requirements of the system in your second essay, so save your research on the server-side and client-side hardware and software requirements for your next essay. You will receive detailed guidance on those requirements later). Impact of the System Note that this section of your essay is worth 25% of your grade on this essay. Together, the “Features and Usage of the System” and the “Impact of the System” sections of your essay comprise half of your grade on this essay. So make sure these two sections of your essay are thorough and welldeveloped. These two sections together should be the main focus of this essay. 4 In this section, you will describe the impact that your information system has on the organization that uses the system, and/or the individual users of the system. If you are analyzing a work-related system, then discuss the impact that it has on your organization. If the system is used by different groups of employees (i.e., lower level employees vs. managers), then you can discuss the impact the system has on each group of employees. If you are analyzing a personal web-based information system (i.e., Facebook), then discuss the impact the system has on the users of the system. In the example of a system like Facebook, you can discuss different groups of users, such as how it impacts individuals who use Facebook, businesses who use Facebook, and other types of groups and organizations who use Facebook. Be sure that when you discuss the impacts of your system, you don’t simply talk about the features of the system again (which you covered in the previous section). Instead, try to quantify the positive benefits in terms of how the system saves the users time, money, and/or effort. For business systems, positive impacts will include how it makes your business processes more effective and efficient. For home and personal systems, positive impacts will include how the system makes some task or tasks in your personal life more effective and efficient. One way to quantify these things is to consider the time, money, and effort that would be required to accomplish the same tasks manually that you are able to accomplish using the information system. For example, if you are analyzing an online shopping system, like, you can discuss the time and effort that is saves by not having to physically go out to the store to purchase something, or not having to physically visit many different stores to comparison shop. If you are analyzing a work-related system, consider how you would accomplish the same tasks manually and how the information system saves you time, money, and or effort, compared to the manual process that would be required to accomplish the same tasks. You might even consider how the business area that your system is used in actually did accomplish similar tasks in the days before there were computer-based information systems to automate that business process. Be sure to discuss both positive and negative impacts of your information system. Are there any potential disadvantages to using your information system? Be sure to come up with at least one potential negative impact. If your system is so great that you can’t do without it, then one negative impact could be that users are overly-dependent on the system and aren’t able to accomplish the same 5 tasks when the system is down. However, there are generally other potential negative impacts to any system, as well – see if you can think of several negative impacts, too. Conclusion Finally, write your concluding paragraph(s) in this section. Try to write a strong conclusion that both ties your essay together and makes a strong final impact on the reader. Rather than simply restating what you have already discussed, try to use this section to take the reader one step further. There are many ways to do this and I will leave it to your creativity to come up with an appropriate conclusion for your essay! References List your references in APA format on this page. I have set this page to use hanging indentations (as required in APA references). Also, APA references are single-spaced, but you need to leave one blank line between each reference, just like how my notes here are formatted. Finally, make sure that you have at least one corresponding in-text citation, in APA format, for each reference that you list in your reference list.

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Management Information System Management Information System Management information system may appear as a general term for all information systems but in real sense this is viewed as the backbone of all operations that consist of hardware and software. It’s main use is to collect all online data from several systems, analyze the information collected and lastly the data is reported bearing in mind its main goal is to assist in any decision making process. In any organization the MIS collects timely and effectively information which is further shared to various departments for decision making. Organizations or institutions may not stand the test of time or may not maximize their profits if they have poorly developed MIS due to lack of any tangible evidence for managers and stakeholders before any strategy is implemented for the growth of the organizations. This shows how important and effective MIS is when it comes to management like planning, effective co-ordination and above all the labor applied is less and accurate. Characteristics of the Users of the System MIS is used by several organizations with both employees and employers. Every management has a challenge and managers face a lot when it comes to final say when tough company decisions are made or when assigning any authority delegation of duties. Decision making in all organizations is a fundamental prerequisite that every manager must consider the challenge has been lack of well established MIS that helps in storing information for any decision making of any organization. This information should be in form of data that the organization has retrieved or argued may be for example by any competitor and were considered one of the best strategies that made them rose into success. Employs should be made aware of how the system works and a sub-system created to monitor their progress in work and at the same time toeing the line towards an objective to achieve without any form of interference. Basing on this argument, organizations should install and upgrade MIS for future decision making and management of functions from a managerial point of view. Even though there are several ways of defining MIS but the underlining factor is that it is an organizational system that support decision making. However, in the 21st century organizations face stiff competition that threatens their future existence. This may happen so because companies might be producing a single product with standard packaging and advertisements that kills the competitors in the market or even in some cases lowering of prices to lure more customers. In addition to that the only way to make any business stand this competition in the market is when the weakness of the opponents are identified like may be pricing which can be done by storing information using MIS on sales of the product to find out if there is any decline in sales or an increase in sales which will help managers in decision making. It is without any doubt that MIS will provide very accurate data within a short duration of time. The primary reference of MIS system is a large organization with all the departments that only allows managers for final decision making, this should them realize employees that are underperforming and even renew other marketing strategies that will make them remain relevant in the market by help of MIS. It’s close to impossible for an organization to excel without venturing into the use of MIS. Features and Usage of the System The features or the system usage of MIS can be compared to the central nervous system of the human body which controls several functions of the body and mind, this is divided into body major parts like the brain and spinal cord.MIS is a computer system that is responsible for providing past, present and future projected information to mangers with an aim of decision making. Computer hardware and software is used in obtaining information, storing, manipulating and lastly analyzing the information stored for distribution. Since in most cases the information is for the benefit of the organization then it makes no sense for any company or organization to abandon the use of MIS due to expense because it will work best towards the growth of the organization which should be the pride of a manager. In addition to that skills of employees and experience goes hand in hand with the organizational growth not necessarily abandoning everything for MIS without using skills to study the market trends for customers satisfaction. MIS operates using components like hardware which in this case is responsible storage of data and is used for both input/output processes, it also used as a command prompt for data and hand-wave component where all the information regarding data will be automated. However; the main challenges have been when it comes to handling a large amount of data for technical revolutions. Managers are also hit hard by short lifespan of many products in the market which poses for them a challenge in finding out ways of either increasing the lifespan of products by either working on packaging as a means or looking into factors that influences the product lifespan within the organization. This is where MIS comes in to help in solving the problem. MIS description will involve assisting customers to identify and implement technology to make organization very effective by including features like business problem analysis, IT solutions implementation and lastly developing of custom systems. The key features will involve the consultation which will be providing support and also helping in providing organizational assistance like technical support, data and system thus according to Cyr, D. (2013). Secondly the Solution design that will be responsible for providing end to end solutions for MIS of the organization that might include organizations requirement gathering, enhancements, upgraded and operational support. Thirdly Web Application design which is mainly responsible for design, quality assurance, development, implementation and training. Impact of the System MIS in this competitive world is in the forefront as the backbone of business growth and smooth operation. When relevant information is collected, stored and processed then decision makers will find an easy task in arriving at a unanimous decision. This kind of information will be of no use if not reliable, accurate and timely. In addition to that the MIS in place must be of all the required features for a smooth operation. If the system is in place for example a well set data that shows how many times in a week an employee has reported to work or their arrival time will help before any promotion is made to identify those that can be trusted with some sensitive information within the organization when a shorter time is required to work on the document. On the other hand a bigger disappointment looms when MIS is not properly planned, designed or implemented accordingly then it might end up generating inaccurate results that might lead to wrong decisions that will cost the company more or even make some employees lose their jobs due to carelessness. This makes the author of this article to be in agreement that without properly designed, planned and implemented MIS then economies of scale can’t stand to favor the troubled company. However, when the management is good then operation cost will be low, improved productivity and efficiency, minimized litigation risks and safeguarding of vital information. Creating and growth of record is a pride of any successful organization and this must be ensured through implementation of MIS, operating cost is reduced when for example three employees responsible for filling are reduced to one employee that only stores data in the system to reduce paper-work and for easy to use.Futhermore cost is reduced when staffing is reduced and the office space is also reduced. The amount of time which most employees spend in searching for a lost file is annoying and non-productive. The only way to survive all these are by coming up with a record management program of a document type of system which is reliable and easy to manage. If the program is well organized then the organization will realize its maximum profit and employees will also experience freedom and job satisfaction due to less work and good pay not necessarily starting a morning with stress and depression due to lost files or poor filling. Conclusion In conclusion management information system is of value in any organizational growth due to its ability to support a systematic analysis of several explained issues like design, business problem analysis, IT sol...

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