Transformation leadership to reduce substance abuse disorders among adolescents

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  • Prepare a literature review of scholarly articles related to Transformational Leadership to reduce substance abuse disorders among adolescents in Atlanta, Georgia (narrative form). This review should contain a minimum of 7 peer-reviewed or scholarly resources and should give a good overview of the issue.
  • A description of theoretical gaps in the research area
  • Based on what you find in the literature, Create a problem statement, (a good one). It must address the Identified gaps while incorporating implications for positive social change: An explanation of how the problem statement incorporates implications for positive social change.

No plagiarism, Be specific. APA 6th eds, References and in-text citations please.

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Drug consumption and abuse prevention
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Many individuals do not get why other individuals wind up plainly dependent on drugs. They
may erroneously believe that individuals who wind up utilizing these drugs are in need of moral
standards or self-discipline and that they can halt their medication use just by agreeing to. In
actuality, sedate habit is one mind-boggling infection, and finishing as a rule takes up more than
high aims. Fortunately, analysts now know unlike before about how sedates affect the cerebrum
and have come up with medicines that can help individuals to recoup from tranquilize
compulsion and have worth full existences.
Similarly as with most of the other perpetual ailments, for instance, coronary illness or diabetes
treatment for tranquilizing enslavement, isn't a cure. Nonetheless, dependence can be treatable
and can efficiently be overseen. People who are recovering from a dependence will be in threat
for descend into sin for an extensive time allotment and possibly for their whole lives. Research
shows that combining propensity treatment remedies with behavioral treatment ensures the
clearest open door concerning progress for general patients. Treatment approaches modified to
each patient's medicine use plans and any co-happening helpful, mental, and social issues can
provoke continued with recovery, hence below are the different scholarly article that is related to
leadership transformation leading to reduction in drug consumption;

Hawkins, J. D., Catalano, R. F., & Miller, J. Y. (1992). Risk and protective factors for alcohol
and other drug problems in adolescence and early adulthood: implications for substance abuse
prevention. Psychological Bulletin, 112(1), 64.



Hawkins, J. D., Catalano, R. F., & Miller, J. Y. (1992) Conducted a survey and concluded by
stating the most effective way to prevent or reduce drug problems among adolescent is through
the risk-focused approach (Bogenschneider, K., Small, S., & Riley, D. A, 1990). This unique
approach needs the identification of drug abuse risk factors, stating of ways risk factors have
been conveniently addressed and ultimately the application of these methods to the target highrisk population who are the adolescent individuals. The authors then review the risk factors and
their alternative preventive factors for the abuse of drugs with the inclusion of the number of
ways for the prevention of alcohol abuse using a high-risk group hence making
Botvin, G. J., & Griffin, K. W. (2005). Prevention science, drug abuse prevention, and life skills
training: Comments on the state of the science. Journal of Experimental Criminology, 1(1), 6378.
With the tremendous rise in the preservation science over the last 20 years Botvin, G. J., &
Griffin, K. W. (2005) defined features of contemporary preservation science in their research as
of high empirical quality with the assist of rigorous and well-established techniques. An area in
which substantial steps has been achieved is in the knowledge of tobacco and etiology, alcohol
and il...

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