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This Unit 1 Discussion Board assignment has 3 parts.

When posting your questions, specify in the subject line whether your question pertains to the LabSim or to the Group Project activity.

Part 1: LabSim Description and Action Items

Click here to refer to the instructions for the unit 1 lab tasks.

Part 2: ITCO251 Group Project and Action Items

IT organizations depend on identifying teams of individuals to solve business problems and to implement solutions. Project management and team skills are essential in the modern IT landscape. Refer to the following to learn more about some of the statistics surrounding projects in organizations and why you will benefit from opportunities in this program to develop team skills.


There are many advantages to group projects. Very interesting and complex work can be divided between the team members. Team members are able to collaborate about the best solution. A solution can be created in a much shorter time frame. Team members learn different perspectives when solving problems. Team members also have the ability to develop communication and organizational skills, problem resolution skills, and many more. Refer to the following to learn more about reasons that developing team skills and learning to manage projects are highly desired by employers in IT today.


ITCO251 Group Project Overview

The details and phases of the group project are included in the following links. Review the overview and use the Discussion Board thread to pose any questions or comments related to the Group Project requirement for this course.

Teams will be assigned during the beginning of Unit 2. You will be assigned to a project-managed team. A project-managed team is one where you and your team members will be creating and following a specific plan and schedule. The final Group Project deliverable will be due in Unit 4. There will be activities completed during Units 2, 3, and 4. All activities will be conducted in the Small Group area.

Review the following to learn about developing valuable team skills.


Once team assignments have been made, contact other team members and start planning for team roles, team member responsibilities, break-out of tasks, and schedule for team contributions. Remember the following as you prepare to start working on this project. Contact your instructor with any questions.

  • Allocate time and resources effectively and coordinate efforts with all affected parties
  • Acknowledge team membership and role
  • Identify the roles of each team member
  • Encourage others to express their ideas and opinions
  • Show sensitivity to the thoughts and opinions of other team members
  • Respond appropriately to positive and negative feedback
  • Identify and draw upon team members' strengths and weaknesses to achieve results
  • Learn from other team members
  • Establish productive relationships
  • Develop constructive and cooperative working relationships with others

Use a group approach to identify problems and develop solutions based on group consensus

Review the following ITCO251 Group Project resources:

Part 3: ITCO251 Discussion Posting Action Items

Complete the following for the Discussion Board assignment:

  • In conjunction with the completion of LabSim tasks (Part 1), discuss the following with the class:
    • Explain which layers of the OSI Reference Model would be associated with configuring your TCP/IP network interface.
    • Discuss how you would envision the different layers defined in the OSI Reference Model to interact.
    • Share with the class any prior knowledge you might have had regarding OSI.
    • Pose any questions regarding the use of LabSim.
  • In conjunction with the group project (Part 2), discuss with the class the following:
    • Describe your thoughts on team selection and team dynamics based on your review of the URLs offered in Part 2. What are the critical success factors in building a strong team and what are the individual traits that a team member must display to be a valued contributor to the team?
    • Share your experiences working on teams in the past either on the job or working on special projects.
  • Discuss whether your team experience improved your ability in some way (e.g., reaching consensus, project planning, conflict management, leadership, etc.).
  • ITCO251 Group Project
    • Summarize the tasks that you expect will be needed for this project to be successful.
    • Describe how you anticipate contributing to this project? What would you like to achieve from this experience?

The following may be useful as you research and prepare for this discussion:

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Hi :). Here are the three parts of discussion.. Part 1: LabSim Description and Action ItemsPart 2: ITCO251 Group Project and Action ItemsIn the part two: base on the instructor, there are two parts which include: individual work and team work..Therefore I made it into two parts,, and you can view the instructor for it :).Part 3: ITCO251 Discussion Posting Action ItemsIf you have any questions please message me and I am willing to revise everything okay :). Just message me...

Part 1: LabSim Description and Action Items
Module0.1Using the Simulator
Simulation is the impersonation of the operation of a true technique or framework over
time. the demonstration of Simulating something initially requires that a version is created; this
model speaks to the key attributes, practices, and elements of the chose physical or conceptual
framework or procedure. The model speaks to the framework itself, even as the endeavor speaks
to the operation of the framework after some time. Simulation is utilized as part of numerous
precise situations, as an example, the simulation of innovation for execution enhancement, well
being constructing, trying out, preparing, schooling, and laptop video games. frequently,
computer checks are applied to do not forget reenactment models. Simulation is additionally
applied with the logical showing of ordinary frameworks or human frameworks to pick out up
information into their functioning, as in financial topics. Simulation can be applied to illustrate
the inevitable real effects of optional conditions and processes. It is likewise applied while the
real framework cannot be locked in, in mild of the truth that it could no longer be available, or it
is probably risky or inadmissible to connect with, or it's far being composed but no longer but
fabricated, or it might essentially now not exist. There is a wide assortment of records system
available to renowned client contribution for digital reenactments. the accompanying rundown
quick portrays some of them: frame following: the motion seize technique is frequently used to
document the purchaser's tendencies and make an interpretation of the stuck information into
contributions for the virtual activity. As an example, if a customer physically turns their head, the
motion might be caught by way of the reenactment equipment in some way and intended a
concerning shift in see in the activity. The trap suits and additionally gloves might be applied to
catch tendencies of customers frame parts. The frameworks may have sensors fused internally

them to hit upon trends of numerous frame components (e.g., hands). Then again, these
frameworks might also have outdoor GPS beacons or denote that may be recognized by using
outer ultrasound, optical creditors or electromagnetic sensors. Inward inertial sensors are
moreover available in a few frameworks. The devices can also transmit facts both remotely or
thru links.
Module 1.0 Networking Basics
In this part, it indicates the basics of how networking works, and how to utilize diverse gadgets
to assemble structures. The pc networking has existed for a long-term, and as time has exceeded
the advancements have become out to be quicker and greater affordable. Networks are comprised
of different devices—pcs, switches, switches—associated together by way of hyperlinks or far
off symptoms. Understanding the basics of how arranges are assembled is a vital development in
constructing a far-off machine in a collection or community.
This module covers the ideas of:
Clients and servers
An important courting on networks is that of the server and the clients. A server is a computer
that holds substance and administrations, as an instance, a site, a media record, or a speak
software. a decent case of a server is the laptop that holds the website for Google's pursuit web
page: http://www.google.com. The server holds that web page and sends it out whilst requested.
A client is an exchange computer, for instance, your computer or mobile Smartphone, that
solicitations to see, download, or utilize the substance. the patron can associate over a system to
trade statistics. as an instance, whilst you ask for Google's pursuit page with your internet
program, your computer is the client. In the case beneath, computers are related together with an

Ethernet hyperlink. these computers can see each other and impart over the hyperlink. The
consumer computer requests a site from the server computer. The website is conveyed from the
server, and confirmed at the purchaser's internet software.
IP addresses
An IP is like a street cope with. elements of the deal with painting in which on the earth the
building is observed, every other component limits it down to a kingdom or metropolis, at that
factor the vicinity internal that nation or town, at that point the place within the city. There are
special characterizations or varieties of IP addresses. A gadget may be open, or it could be
personal. The Public IP addresses are to be had anywhere on the internet. The non-public IP
addresses aren't, and the maximum is generally taken cowl in the back of a device with a Public
IP address.
Network hubs, switches, and cables
Traditionally, computers are associated with every other making use of hyperlinks—creating a
device. The cable utilized often is Ethernet, which incorporates 4 sets of wires within a plastic
coat. it's miles physically like cell phone cables but can transport appreciably more facts. Be that
as it is able to, cable and desktops on my own don't make the first-rate device, so one early
association was to utilize a device center point. The Ethernet cable from the laptop interfaces
with the machine just like the center point of a bicycle wheel—in which the majority of the
spokes meet up within the center. A case of ways a center factor functions is tested as follows.
The laptop a desires to make an effect on pc b. it sends the message through the Ethernet
hyperlink to the center point, at that factor the center point rehashes the message to the extra part
of the related computers.

a network using a hub can backpedal if the computers are sending messages, in view that they'll
attempt and ship messages in the interim and befuddle the middle point. To help with this
trouble, systems started to utilize another device called a switch. Rather than rehashing all
messages that arrive in, A transfer just sends the message to the proposed intention. This
disposes of the needless redundancy of the center factor. Utilizing a switch, computer A makes
an impression on computer B—exchange computers do not see the message. Those desktops can
ship exceptional messages inside the interim without meddling. The switches do have a problem
though—they simplest recognize about the addresses of equipment this is plugged immediately
into them. So, you can only send messages to a small number of gadgets—however many ports
the switch has! in case you need to send a message to a laptop on any other network, it's going to
want to be dispatched through a router, which we discuss subsequently.
Routers and firewalls
Routers do the maximum of the dili...

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