Final Project Writing the Grant Part 1 Need Statement, Goals, and Objectives

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Project: Final Project: Writing the Grant Part 1: Need Statement, Goals, and Objectives

This week, you begin work on your Final Project. The Final Project consists of three written assignments that culminate in the submission of your grant proposal to your Instructor. Parts 1, 2, and 3 will focus on major elements required of all proposals. In the final Grant Proposal Submission, incorporating the cumulative feedback you receive from your Instructor, you will compile these elements into your grant proposal.

The three parts of the Final Project are:

  • Part 1: Need Statement, Goals, and Objectives (Due Week 6)
  • Part 2: Methodology and Evaluation Plans (Due Week 7)
  • Part 3: Budget, Budget Narrative, and Sustainability Plan (Due Week 9)

The final Grant Proposal Submission is due 1/5.

For this Assignment:

  • Review the Final Project Guidelines located in this week’s Learning Resources.
  • Download a copy of your selected RFP. You will use this document to guide, focus, and support the development of all parts of your Final Project. Keep in mind as you complete your Final Project assignments that you are writing in accordance with the requirements of the RFP.
  • With consideration to feedback to this week’s Discussion that you received from colleagues and your Instructor, and to your continued evaluation of the literature and funder guidelines, finalize your need statement, project goals, and objectives.
  • Keep in mind that the need statement must prove that it addresses funder interests, as well as establish the specific problem the proposal will address.
  • Keep in mind that objectives must be specific and measurable and lead directly to your goals.

The Assignment (3–4 pages, excluding APA references)

  • Write your Need Statement. Substantiate the need by presenting proof of need. Keep in mind that the Need Statement must reflect best practices in grant writing as addressed in Week 4.
Note: If proof of need legitimately requires information that will still need to be gathered, such as a survey or focus group, provide a full explanation of how this proof will be gathered and what it will address.
  • List each of your project goals.
    • Ensure that goals align to the need statement.
    • Clarify what will be accomplished at the completion of the project or at a specific point.
  • List each of your project objectives.
    • Project objectives must align to the project goals.
    • Project objectives must be specific.
    • Project objectives must be measureable.

Support your work with citations from the course Learning Resources and additional scholarly sources as appropriate. Refer to the Essential Guide to APA Style for Walden Students to ensure that your in-text citations and reference list are correct.

Final Project Guidelines The Final Project for this course is a written grant proposal comprised of Assignments from Weeks 6, 7, and 9. The completed Final Project—the Grant Proposal Submission, is due by Day 3 of Week 11. The Grant Proposal Submission The Grant Proposal Submission consists of three parts: Part 1: Need Statement, Goals, and Objectives Part 2: Methodology and Evaluation Plans Part 3: Budget, Budget Narrative, and Sustainability Plan The Final Project consists of the following components: o o o o o Title Page Part 1: Need Statement, Goals, and Objectives Part 2: Methodology and Evaluation Plans Part 3: Budget, Budget Narrative, Sustainability Plan Reference Page Part 1: Need Statement, Goals, and Objectives (3–4 pages excluding APA references) • Need Statement o Establishes the specific problem the proposal will address o Substantiates the need for addressing this problem by presenting proof of need o If proof of need requires information that would still need to be accomplished, such as a survey or focus group, the need statement provides a full explanation how this proof would be gathered and what it would address o Reflects current literature o Reflects funder interests o Reflects best practices for grant writing © 2016 Laureate Education, Inc. Page 1 of 3 • Goals o Align to the need statement o Clarify what will be accomplished at the completion of the project or at a specific point • Objectives o Align to the project goals o Are specific o Are measureable Part 2: Methodology and Evaluation Plans (3–4 pages excluding APA references) The Methodology clarifies how objectives will be achieved and what activities will lead to that achievement. The Evaluation Plan provides a specific plan for determining how results will be appraised. • The Methodology Includes: o Program Description o Non-personnel Resources ▪ Facilities, supplies, technology, etc. ▪ Any non-personnel resources that will appear in the proposal budget should be described o Personnel Resources ▪ Who will be assigned or hired? o Management Plan (Work Plan) ▪ Who will be responsible for which activities and the timeline associated with those actvities (first quarter, second quarter, third quarter, fourth quarter, ongoing)? ▪ How the project will be managed? • The Evaluation Plan Includes: o Description of the specific criteria that will measure the success of the project o Explanation of data that will be collected o Evaluation instruments that will be used and an explanation of why these instruments were selected Part 3: Budget, Budget Narrative, and Sustainability Plan (3–5 pages) The project Budget delineates all expected costs associated with a project. The Budget Narrative expands upon the line items, offering further explanation of costs and needs as appropriate. A Sustainability Plan explains to funders how you will continue a project after funding has been exhausted. © 2016 Laureate Education, Inc. Page 2 of 3 • Budget Includes: o A two-column table ▪ Column 1 lists the line items of expected project expenses (for example, specific equipment, facilities, and personnel). ▪ Column 2 lists the projected dollar amount requested for that line item. Note: Rationale for costs will be provided in the budget narrative. • Budget Narrative o The Budget Narrative expands on the line items of the budget, providing a reviewer detail and justification for how you arrived at the projected dollar amounts. For example: If hiring a consultant for $2,000 is a line item, the narrative might explain that this is based on 40 hours @ $50/hour. • Sustainability Plan o The Sustainability Plan explains how your agency plans to continue operating this program once the funding has run out. o It also indicates where future funding and other resources might be obtained. Note: All relevant cost issues from the budget are addressed in the sustainability plan. References Page (1–2 pages) © 2016 Laureate Education, Inc. Page 3 of 3
Running head: GRANT PROPOSAL 1 Grant Proposal Rosalyn Moore Grant Writing Date GRANT PROPOSAL 2 GRANT PROPOSAL: HIV/AIDS REDUCTION DRIVE Project summary PROJECT TITLE: HIV Reduction and Sustainable Practices Drive LOCATION: Dakar, Senegal PROJECT DIRECTOR: …… TARGET POPULATION: commercial sex workers, drug users, wife inheriting tribes and uncircumcised males PROJECT DESCRIPTION: village to village outreach, mass sensitization drives, street outreach, mass circumcision campaigns and victim education clinics. PROPOSED YEAR 1 BUDGET: Total $850,000 The prevalence of HIV/AIDS within the outskirts of Dakar and within the streets has skyrocketed within the past three years, according to the WHO progress report of 2017. The new infection levels and the casualties reported due to the pandemic has hit an all-time high, making the area one of the most affected in the world. Therefore, this project has been developed to make an attempt at alleviating and curbing the further spread of the disease as well as sensitizing the infected population in healthy living and longevity practices. The project projects to operate on a budget of $850,000, which budget is to be drawn from a diverse range of donors. Background information on applying organization Impact Resolution Health is a Non-governmental organization that engages in campaigns and projects aimed at alleviating health related community quagmires, as well as promoting GRANT PROPOSAL 3 healthy living practices among the less fortunate communities. Founded in 1992, the organization has actively led and participated in a significant number of drives that specifically deal with the reduction of the spread of HIV/AIDS amongst the underprivileged population. Through its able leadership, it has grown to be on of the flagship organizations at the forefront of fighting the HIV/AIDS menace. Project problem The project is informed by the increased rate of HIV infections and the prevalence of the same within the streets of Dakar, majorly amongst the commercial sex workers and the drug users. Further, a worrying trend has emerged of increased infections and casualties amongst the wife inheriting tribes of Senegal and the uncircumcised natives. The organization therefore, upon identification of the need to sensitize the population of healthy practices and occasion a circumcision drive in response to the same, has rolled out the proposition for the underlying project. Overall goal of the project The project is propelled by the urge to curb the disturbing increase in the rate of new HIV/AIDS infections, especially within the area targeted by the project. It is therefore founded upon the goal of reducing the said rise in infections. Further, it is aimed at impacting useful knowledge and life skills upon the affected population with the aim of sensitizing them on healthy living and alternative progressive practices to deal with the menace. Finally, the goal of the project is to raise awareness on the realities surrounding the subject of HIV/AIDS. GRANT PROPOSAL 4 Objectives The project aims to provide free HIV testing to every individual who attends the forums planned and the clinics. It actually aims at testing at least ten thousand people within the three year period of its projected existence. Further, the same project seeks to conduct a free and voluntary male circumcision drive to help at least one thousand men go through the procedure. It also hopes to conduct monthly clinics and sensitization campaigns on healthy living and preventive practices. Finally, it hopes to highlight the demerits of some of the practices that the population has clung to despite their direct correlation with the spread of the pandemic. For the volunteers who test positive, the project aims to introduce them to a sustainable plan for their initial treatment and disease management procedures. Project activities Sensitization drives The project will have campaigns and events that will be headlined by lessons on the realities surrounding the menace of HIV/AIDS. The same will also apply for the lessons on the spread of the virus through irresponsible sexual behavior as well as erratic drug related tendencies. For the tribes not practicing circumcision, the sensitization programs will be rolled out to highlight the benefits of the practice with relation to curbing the spread of HIV/AIDS. The theme of those drives will focus on promoting preventive measures as a means of dealing with the menace. Circumcision clinics GRANT PROPOSAL 5 Apart from just sensitizing the community on the importance of engaging in the practice of circumcision, the project also purposes to engage a few professionals who will conduct circumcision procedures on volunteers. The clinics will be run on a fully voluntary basis, with the same operating on a mobile routine, seeking the patients instead of waiting to be approached. HIV/AIDS clinics The crux of the project will be in the form of the clinics that aim to screen patients and advise them on the intrigues of living with or without the disease. The testing drives will allow the population come to terms with their status so that they are placed in a position to proceed with their lives with due adjustments based on their respective status. Further the clinics will aim to counsel the population on the dynamics of living healthy lives, even in the event that one is tested positive with the virus. Project activity timelines The project is slated to run for a period of three years, with the project activities running within that period. The sensitization drives will occur on a fortnight interval, depending on the availability of the venues for holding the same. The circumcision clinics on the other hand are a continuous undertaking that will run for the entire period of three years. However, the exercise will be dependent on the availability of patients who are to be introduced by mobilizers. Finally, the HIV/AIDS clinics are set to operate on a monthly calendar, for the pendency of the project period. GRANT PROPOSAL 6 Attractiveness to funders and uniqueness of the project This projects deviates from the norm as it has a victim based inclination, with the focus tilting towards taking the services to the victims and potential victims rather than waiting for them to approach the organization. It distinguishes itself from the rest as it goes ahead to provide preventive advice and measures to the community as well as effective interventions to the already infected patients. Whereas the other ventures seek to respond after the infection, this project seeks to promote proactive measures to curb the spread of the pandemic. The donors are most likely to adopt the project as the same promises them a stake in a project that provides answers to social problems in a unique way. The same promises to align them with the right side of history.

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Needs statement
Africa is one of the regions in the world that are receiving the most massive blow of the
HIV/AIDS pandemic across the globe. Information from Avert, a global organization that
gathers statistics with regards to HIV, indicates that by 2016, more than 19.4 million people have
been living with the disease in the continent. The same report, there are more than 800, 000 new
infections that are recorded each year. At the same time, statistics indicate that close to 500,000
people die from the disease in the continent each year. In Senegal, the fight against the disease
has been escalated by the authorities, and there is a significant progress that has been realized
with this regard. In many studies, Senegal has been cited as a model to other countries in the war
against the virus. For the past two decades, the overall national prevalence has been below 1%,
and that has been a significant difference from the rest of the African countries (Di...

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