HRM Diversity Management

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HRM Diversity Management
HRM Diversity Management
HRM Diversity Management
HRM Diversity Management

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Diversity Management



Report on business rationale for diversity management
In the recent past, robust business organizations have come to embrace and appreciate
diversity in workplaces. Business entities seeking global relevance and recognition use diversity
as one of the tools to strengthen healthy working relationships between countries thus improving
on sales all around the globe. Excellent reputation and prestige are the main reasons why
business organizations have embraced workplace diversity. This is because the market is highly
enlightened on discrimination cases and any business organization which discriminates its
employees in any way suffers the risk of losing relevance in the global market. Workplace
diversity comes with its share of challenges as it does not only deal with diverse primary
characters like gender or race but runs as deep as a difference in opinions and ideologies.
For employees to be highly productive at work, the business management needs to make
sure that it protects the rights of every employee regardless of age, gender, race or academic
qualifications. Employees need to learn to work as a team in peace and harmony without
intimidating another irrespective of any differences among them. Unfortunately, discrimination
cases have been reported in workplaces resulting in an unhealthy working environment. Some of
the published cases have been found to be intentionally done while most of them are
unintentional. It is possible for employees to feel threatened or discriminated against especially if
they have different characteristics or abilities than the working majority (Kezner, 2013). Without
proper diversity management skills, a business organization is at risk of losing the best of its
employees over petty issues like discrimination which would have preferably been avoided. This
report thus seeks to address several issues like challenges facing diversity management, benefits
of diversity management, effective diversity management among other related problems of the
Business rationale behind diversity management
With the constant change in the marketplace, business organizations have gained a
competitive advantage due to implementing diversity management skills in workplaces. This is
because diversity does bring not only financial gain to the organization but also attracts
intelligent, diverse individuals with unique and different ideas worth taking an organization to
the next level. Diversity management skills help employees accept one another despite their



differences and work together towards a common goal of achieving better results. Appreciation
of diversity management leads to a collection of employees with different talents and skills thus
improving productivity through creative innovations. A stronger brand a business organization
will have when clients notice fair treatment to its employees.
Personal growth and development of employees within an organization has been highly
associated with diversity management skills. This is because employees from a local company
get to mingle with other international employees during exchange programs thus widening their
scoop of thinking through learning and exchanging ideas (Bateman, 2013). A diversified
business organization is at an advantage of retaining customer loyalty through meeting every
need in a given market. For example, a company which has got employees from all over the
world attracts global clients since language barrier is never an issue in such a setting. People
coming from different tribes, cultures, races and geographical locations help in eliminating
boring work routines thus making workplaces exciting and comfortable to hang around.
Even though there are well-proven reasons behind business rationale to diversity in
management, several challenges have been associated with this kind of control in business
Challenges of diversity management
Even in the most comfortable working environment, there will always be employees who
resist change for whatever reasons. These kinds of employees can be disastrous and the cause of
a company's downfall if not appropriately tamed. Employee resistance causes negative energy in
the workplace thus lowering productivity level due to lack of morale to work efficiently.
Management diversity does not only deal with people from diverse backgrounds but also
different working ideas and protocols. Bringing specific changes like the use of a separate
technology can have an adverse effect on conservative employees who are used to doing things
in a particular way (Smith, 2013). A business organization should know when to let go a
resistance employee who is adamant to change as this can negatively affect the whole
organization if not dealt with. Change in any growing and ambitious business organization is
inevitable, and thus employees are encouraged to adapt to possible changes soonest possible.



Diversity management suffers poor communication in an organization due to a whole lot
of differences among employees. A difference in age, religion, ethnicity, race and sexual
orientation are some of the obstacles that can hinder effective communication from happening.
Age difference can impede proper working relationship due to different dynamics and
experiences associated with age groups. For example, employees who are much elderly in a
company tend to have more experience compared to younger ones. As a result, the more elderly
and experienced may look down upon the younger inexperienced employees. This, in turn,
breeds contempt resulting in poor communication skills among employees. The invention of
technology is usually associated with the younger generation compared to the elderly one. In an
organization where technology is essential, the old employees may feel discriminated or
undervalued by the younger technologically equipped employees.
One of the leading causes of poor communication in an organization that practices
diversity management is sexual orientation. Recent research shows that employees who are
attracted to the same sex are likely to be discriminated compared to the opposite sex in the
workplace. Discrimination of persons due to their sexual orientation can be traced back to
employees' religious and cultural believes. The management can enhance good communication
skills among its employees by organizing for retreats which will give employees time to learn
and appreciate one another's differences.
Poor diversity management skills are a great challenge to an organization with various
personalities and employees from different backgrounds. An organization ought to have a
workable and realistic diversity plan on an occasion it chooses to embrace workplace diversity. It
is the responsibility of the managerial team to make sure that employees are well equipped to
handle the pressure that comes with any slight change of routine within an organization. These
changes could include bringing in new machines other than the ones employees are used to. An
expert should be hired by the organization to help in training employees on how to operate the
newly brought in machines. Before a diversity management plan has been launched out to
employees, executive, managerial team together with a diversity consultant should thoroughly
evaluate the program and measure on the pros and cons it will have in an organization. The fate
of a company much depends on the ability of diversity management skills it decides to



An excellent and well-executed diversity plan will bring success to an organization while
the opposite can be disastrous.

Debates surrounding diversity management
There are several theories surrounding diversity management at workplaces and the
question as to whether this style of leadership is relevant in the business market. For instance,
diversity management promotes employment of people from different backgrounds, races, and
nationalities. One of the reasons given by supporters of diversity management is that by so
doing, a business organization can retain market shares as it will attract clients from all over the
globe. It is common tha...

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