the dynamics of teamwork, including motivation, conflict resolution

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Unit IV Case Study

This assignment provides you with an opportunity to explain the dynamics of teamwork, including motivation, conflict resolution, and leadership. First, read the scenario below.

Scenario: The vice president (VP) of marketing has hired you as the leader whose first task involves implementing a new process for applying customer service within the organization. The VP shares that the purpose of this initiative is to help resolve a list of issues that are negatively infecting teamwork: (1) morale is low, (2) employees are consistently late for work while others leave early, (3) workers disagree on the daily workload, (4) there is no drive or enthusiasm, and (5) above all, two employees have complained about harassment.

Your team consists of eight employees: three are newly hired employees, five employees are male and three are female. Each employee has a diverse background. Your charge is to reach the goal of improving customer service by directing the team through the five stages of team development.

After reading the scenario, write a minimum three-page paper by using the following questions as guidelines:

1. Motivation: What is the current state of motivation for employees, and what can you do to improve their motivation?

2. Leadership: What can leadership personnel do to positively impact teamwork that eventually leads to better customer service?

3. Resolving conflict: How can the employees approach resolving conflicts with one another in order to maintain a positive teamwork dynamic?

BBA 3361, Professionalism in the Workplace 3

4. Resolving conflict: How can the employees approach resolving conflicts with customers?

5. Teamwork: What types of activities would help the team progress through the five stages of team development? (See page 161 in the textbook for the stages.)

Also, be sure your paper fulfills the following requirements:

 The body of the paper consists of at least three pages.

 The format of your paper follows APA style. Click here to access the CSU Citation Guide. A sample research paper that has been formatted in APA style starts on page 20 of the guide.

 Properly cite one reference (e.g., journal article) that you located from the university’s online library.

 Properly cite two references (e.g., article, webpage) that you located from reputable sources (e.g., online library or reputable webpages).

 Properly cite your textbook within the paper.

Finally, review your paper thoroughly to revise and correct any mistakes

Ensure that following text book is included in the answer:

Anderson, L. E., & Bolt, S. B. (2016). Professionalism: Skills for workplace success. (4th ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson.

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There seems to be lack of motivation or low motivation in the firm. Employee motivation
can be defined as a level of energy, creativity and commitment that the employees of an
organization show in while in their jobs. The organization is expected to motivate their
employees so that they can be productive and competitive which will translate to more work
being done and more profits being realized. In this case, the workers have a low morale, show no
energy in their hobs as they arrive late to work and leave early and there is no drive or
enthusiasm (Jacoby, 2014). It is a clear sign that the employees do not feel motivated to work at
the organization hence such issues arising from them.
To fix these problems, the employees need to be motivated in different ways so that their
productivity can be improved. One of the ways that I will motivate the employees is by offering
incentives. The incentives may include gift cards or rewards for early arrival. I would also
introduce rewards for employees who work e...

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