Jihad and Peace.”



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The words Islam and Muslim are from the same Aramaic/Semetic root, and the words Salām, Shalom, and Salem are all translated as “ peace,” “peace that comes from submission to God,” “whole,” “ complete,” “intact.” 

Explain why “submission” is the major theme of Islam, keeping in mind this history of the words’ meanings.Identify examples of the connections between “submission” and “ peace” or wholeness” within the practice of Islam.

Explain the differences between the Greater Jihad and the Lesser Jihad and why you think most non-Muslims know very little about the Greater Jihad.

If you could clear up one misunderstanding represented in the media about Islam, what would you correct? 

Explain how the West generally misunderstands this belief or practice.Describe what you think it would take for the West to correctly understand it.

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