If a camera lens is randomly selected from the general population of all camera lenses, what is the

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The Greens Manufacturing Company makes 60% of a particular type of camera lens, the Parsons Company makes 15% of them, and the Ratten Company makes the remaining 25%. Of all the camera lenses, 5% are made by Greens and are defective, 10% are made by Parsons and are defective, and 6% are made by Ratten and are defective.

LensDefectiveNot DefectiveTotal
May 17th, 2015

I think you need to post the rest of the question-- there are a few outcomes to probability questions like this. But! I shall solve the question for all variables, and then we'll work it out afterwards if need be.

The likelihood of selecting a lens that is defective is determined by two factors:

1) The likelihood of selecting one company over another

2) The percent chance of getting a defective lens from that company.

Probability of selecting a Greens Lens: 60/100

Probability of selecting a Parsons Lens: 15/100

Probability of selecting a Ratten Lens: 25/100

So, from that list, we then multiply against the defect rate to determine the likelihood of selecting a company AND a defective lens:

Probability of selecting a defective Greens Lens=(3/5)*(1/25)=3/125

Probability of selecting a defective Parsons lens=(3/20)*(1/10)=3/200

Probability of selecting a defective Ratten Lens=(1/4)*(3/50)= 3/200

I cannot tell from the answer you posted whether or not you needed defective or non-defective rates, so here are the nondefective probabilities:

Probability of selecting a NON-defective Greens Lens=(3/5)*(11/20)=33/100

Probability of selecting a NON-defective Parsons lens=(3/20)*(1/20)=3/400

Probability of selecting a NON-defective Ratten Lens=(1/4)*(19/100)=19/400

May 17th, 2015

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May 17th, 2015
May 17th, 2015
Oct 16th, 2017
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