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For this week’s Discussion make sure you have viewed the video “Oreo Game” found in your readings in this unit. Pay particular attention to Ally, a child with autism working with a professional who is attempting to facilitate a social interaction between Ally and her peers. Then answer the following Discussion topics.

  • Analyze Ally’s social skills and describe some of the social difficulties that you observe her to exhibit. What strategies does the educator use in this video?
  • What are some interventions strategies that a professional could utilize to address Ally’s social skill difficulties? Include why you think using these additional strategies would be beneficial. How might you utilize these strategies as a professional in your field?

Here is the link for the video


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Ally seems to be very timid and standoffish in interacting with her fellow peers in
this scenario. I first noticed her social skills in the beginning of the video when the other
two students were holding hands walking down the hallway. The student in the middle
tried to hold Ally’s hand, but then Ally pulled her hand away and did not want to be in
contact with the other student. Ally was very timid and shy in the beginning of the video
before the start of the “Oreo Game” and was talking very softly. Throughout the video,
one can see that as Ally starts being more involved in the activities in the video, she
becomes more comfortable with the situation and the other classmates. One can see this
when at the end of the video Ally was signing along with the other classmate.
The educator knew that Ally would not be capable of interacting wi...

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