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i need 400 plus words with 2 reference on the following matter in apa format.

  • Conduct an evaluation of methods used by law enforcement officials to identify future trends of cybercriminals.Using research, predict the future financial effect of cybercrime on society

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The Future of Cybercrime


In regards to the various attackers of today, many victims reported how crucial the
cybercrime is. Due to this problem encountered globally, the government implemented various
technologies that would treat and resolve this issues in different ways. In this article, it was
discussed the relationship between future technology and cybercrime, the use of internet in the
future cybercrime, and its effect on the society.
The IOCTA recognizes a growing cybercriminal economy abusing our undeniably
Internet-empowered lives and low levels of advanced cleanliness. Educated to a great extent by
Europol's legal requirement and collaboration accomplices, the report recognizes eight principle
cybercrime slants and gives key suggestions to address the difficulties. The volume, degree, and
material cost of cybercrime all stay in an upward pattern and have achieved abnormal states.
Some EU Member States now report that the chronicle of cybercrime offenses may have
outperformed those related to conventional violations. An extension both in the quantity of
cybercriminal performing artists and chances to take part in exceedingly gainful illicit exercises
has halfway fuelled this pattern, as has the improvement of new cybercrime instruments in
territories, for example, ATM misrepresentation and versatile malware. In any case, an expansive
piece of the issue identifies with poorly advanced security principles and practice by
organizations and people. A huge extent of cybercrime action still includes the constant reusing
of generally old procedures, security answers for which are accessible however not broadly
"The steady development of cybercrime remains a genuine and noteworthy danger to our
aggregate security in Europe. Europol is worried about how an extending cybercriminal group
has possessed the capacity to additionally misuse our expanding reliance on innovation and the

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