How to create a program in C# in Visual Studio

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Create an abstract class called Employee that will include the properties of all employees of your organization. Include at least five properties. If you are not currently working, you may use a fictional organization or one with which you are familiar.

Class definitions should include properties with the get and set accessors properly declared as explained in Lecture 1. Lecture 1 reference

Abstract class methods and properties should include the “virtual” keyword.

See the reference for virtual:

Add a second class that inherits from the Employee class and describes a subgroup of employees. For example, you may define the class as Managers. In the case of city employees, you may define the class as Police Officers. Define at least three properties that are specific to this derived class.

The derived class should use the “override” keyword.

See the reference for override:

Design, implement, test, and debug a C# program that asks the user to enter property values for members of the derived class on a single form. The entries will include properties for the main Employee class as well as the derived class.

Add each object that was created to a generic of the object.

Include a second form that will display a cumulative generic list of all the derived class object property values that the user has entered using a suitable data bound GUI control  (i.e. DataGridView).

Classify the bound GUI control as Public in the second form property window.

Must be done in Visual Studio 2010 and in reference to this:  This is Lecture 4 Reference

Plain and simple no advance coding or anything like that. Needs to be in reference to the attached lecture and must not have anything extra.

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