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My topic Guns, Gun Control, Gun Violence, Criminal Justice System

While many use guns to protect themselves, while at the same time there are those that use guns to kill.

Thesis – We have the right to bear arms the second amendment to the Constitution. Guns do not pull the trigger by themselves, if they did that would be a awful good trick. Where the bullet goes is up to the individual who  pulls the trigger. To take guns away from a person who is violent doesn’t really matter to that person. They can always use something else. Recently, there were  two mass killings one in Newtown Conn, and the other is Aurora Colorado. President Obama tried to change the gun laws. Some of the things he tried to do was keep individuals from getting guns by requiring background checks, along with banning assault weapons He did this with the hope of stopping troubling people from getting ahold of guns, along with giving law enforcement the tools they need to help keep us free from harm.  Guns do not shoot by themselves, individuals are the ones that pull the trigger. Just because you take guns away from law abiding citizen doesn’t mean that the criminals will not get ahold to one. This is what I have so far, is it good enough has to be 200words.  thanks

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