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Typology is a method that classifies qualitative data into groups taken from patterns and themes. Compare and contrast qualitative data analysis using typology and using affinity diagrams.

May 18th, 2015

        Network topology;

There are many ways of connecting computer to form a computer network.The way in which number of computer are connected together to form a network is callad network topology.

it tells about the physical layout of the computer in a network.There are five basic, topologies of network.

Bus topology;

 in bus  topology, all nodes are connected to  common communiction medium or central cable.

The central physical cable that connects the nodes is called bus.it is very simple network.it supports small number of computer.

Star topology;

In star topology,all computer are interconnected together through a central device called  Hub. Thus all routing is done through Hub.in star network information or data is communicated from one computer to another through Hub. it is very easy to make and modify star network. The failure of one computer does not disturb the network.

whole network stops if hub is out one computer does not disturb network.

Three topology;

Three topology is the combination of different star and a bus network.

it has the  characteristics of both star and bus network. first different star networks are established.Than these star network are connected through bus topology.

Ring topology;

 in ring topology, each node is connected to two adjacent nodes or neighbours forming a closed ring or loop,The path of message from one computer to another in the network constitutes a logical ring. when a computer in ring network sends message to another computer in the network. the message travels, to each node of computer until it reaches its destination. the message flow in one direction.it is not expensive network.

Failure of one computer can affect the whole network. adding or removing a computer ring network is not easy. The ring network configuration.

Mash topology;

 in this topology every device of network is connected to every other device on the network This network is reliable. it performance is very good. This topology  is not comman in local area network.

 it is mostly used in wide area network. This network is expensive. it is difficult to create and configure.if one connection breaks it does not disturb the network.

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May 18th, 2015

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May 18th, 2015
May 18th, 2015
Oct 19th, 2017
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