Total Quality Management in Healthcare Quantitative Analysis:

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: A very important aspect of quantitative analysis in healthcare today is total quality management (TQM). This is sometimes also referred to as continuous quality  improvement (CQI). Successful healthcare managers must be knowledgeable and proficient in the TQM/CQI tools, 

conduct a web-search on the application of your selected tool. Explain how you will utilize this particular TQM/CQI tool in advancing the quality of healthcare in your own medical facility or in a medical facility that you will someday hope to manage. The report should be at least two pages. Please present your use of the tool both in writing and graphically (if applicable)

For your convenience, the TQM/CQI tools are listed here: 

 Brainstorming 

 Consensus building 

 Force field analysis 

 Fish bone chart 

 Pareto chart 

 Run and control charts 

 Flow charts 

 Scatter diagram 

Use these guidelines to select articles: 

 Are in reliable sources/journals 

 At least ten pages for each source 

Format your article review using APA style. Use your own words and include citations for other articles as needed to avoid 


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