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I need to make a presentation that 6-7 minutes long and I need it in powerpoint. Wheel & Axel I need some one to make a presentation about Wheel & Axel. It should have a power point slides and a word document contains what each slide in the power point should be said about. Example: First slide has a picture of Wheel & Axel and in the word document it says what should I say about the picture. What I need in this work: 1- Use pictures. 2- Give a history background about Wheel & Axel, and how it used in more complex machine, and where it used in today’s cutting edge technology. 3- At least 4 resources other than Wikipedia. 4- The presentation should not be more than 9 minutes and should be more than 7 minutes. 5- The work should contain dates and Examples for both history and cutting today’s world. 6- It must have at least 5 references.

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