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Instructional Objectives for this activity:

Define the characteristics, demographics and beliefs of a typical terrorist. Explain the concept of terrorism by state. Research the internationalization of terrorism and its funding sources.

This week's quiz will cover the characteristics, demographics, beliefs, terrorism by State, the internationalization of terrorism, and their funding sources as defined by Combs. It consists of two discussion questions that cover chapters 4-6. (pages 54-130).

This quiz covers the following material from Terrorism in the Twenty-First Century:

Chapter 4, "Criminal or Crusaders?" pages 54-83. Chapter 5, "Terrorism by the State," pages 84-109. Chapter 6, "Terrorism, Inc," pages 110-130.

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Question 1. 1. As theorized by Richardson, describe the three reasons why an individual becomes a terrorist. (Points : 20)


Question 2. 2. Discuss some of the demographic trends that are being seen in terrorist groups today. (Points : 20)


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