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Part B: Question 3
All organizations desire to be perceived as ethical because of how unethical
behaviour in organizations plays out. Unethical behaviour in organizations creates
public relations issues, financial liabilities, and operational distractions and in several
cases leads to the total demise of organizations. Therefore, organizations put up
measures to prevent, respond to, and detect unethical behaviour. This intense
scrutiny makes it necessary to understand ethical behaviour within organizations and
their subsidiaries including ways to enhance ethical behaviour. Peek (2022) states
that ethics dictate ethical behaviour and they are described as moral codes that
guide employees’ behaviour concerning what is wrong and right in business
operations and decision-making. Ethical behaviour in the organization takes into
account the best interests of the employees and the best interest of those impacted
by the organization. ethical behaviour in organizations stimulates positive staff
behaviour that leads to organization development, strong stakeholder relationships,
job satisfaction, increased employee performance, and organizational commitment
(Peek, 2022). It can be challenging for global organizations to maintain ethical
behaviour in all their subsidiaries but it is not impossible. This report will critically
review the different ways global firms can ensure ethical behaviour is practiced in all
The first way to encourage ethical behaviour in organizations is to educate
employees on organizational ethics. Global firms operate in numerous countries and
require a set of ethical principles and values guiding their subsidiaries. Martínez et
al. (2020) assert that organizational ethics refers to the code of conduct of individuals

working in a certain organization. Organizational ethics aid in the creation of a set of
rules to promote trust, responsibility, and safety. They promote ethical behaviour in
global organizations through policies, culture, and procedures of doing the right thing
during controversial and often difficult issues (Martínez et al., 2020). Additionally,
organizational ethics describe ethical conduct that may work against or bend to
resemble certain business standards in different countries. However, the values will
dictate how employees behave within the organization's cultu...

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