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Case Study

Molly is a kindergarten-age student with autism and significant expressive and receptive language deficits. She is primarily echolalic and seldom uses her language spontaneously to communicate with peers and teachers. She has a difficult time following directions and transitioning from one activity to the next. Molly is very fearful of social situations and often avoids social interactions. Molly spends the vast majority of her time on the playground alone with little peer interaction. Molly engages in stereotypical behaviors such as hand flapping, vocalizations, and eye gazing. She has been noted to slap herself in the head and has recently begun slapping parents and teachers. Molly is noted to have a short attention span, poor motor coordination, difficulty tying her shoes and managing snaps and buttons, and sensory seeking needs.


Based on the above case study of Molly, you are going to write a 3-5 page informative essay that analyzes how Molly’s communication, behavior, social skills, cognitive skills, and sensory motor skills can be addressed in the classroom. This essay should include specific examples of strategies, key professionals, services and environmental supports that would be beneficial for Molly given her identified individual needs. Be sure to include the type of setting/environment that would be most appropriate for Molly and be sure to address all five areas of need (communication, behavior, social, cognitive, sensory-motor). Finally, discuss how supporting Molly in this classroom reinforces a diverse and multicultural environment for students. This discussion should include how and why a diverse and multicultural classroom would be valuable to Molly, as well as the other students.

As with all writing, you must include citations if you use information from any source to avoid plagiarism. It is always necessary to give the author credit. In addition, please make sure to include a reference page, with a professionally recognized method of formatting and documentation for all sources. If you need assistance, please use the Plagiarism Guide found in Academic Tools or visit the University Writing Center.

The viewpoint and purpose of this assignment should be clearly established and sustained and should follow the conventions of Standard English (correct grammar, punctuation, etc.). Your writing should be well ordered, logical and unified, as well as original and insightful. Your work should display superior content, organization, style, and mechanics.

paper should include:

• Title Page • Main body of the paper (3-5 pages)

• Reference page

• Correct APA formatting for in-paper cites You should follow these formatting guidelines in your paper:

• Use standard margins: 1’ on all sides

• Use standard 12-point font size, Arial or Times New Roman

• Use standard double-spacing

• Be sure your text is left justified

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Autism Case Study



Autism can be defined as a complex neurodevelopment disorder. It is a health condition
characterized by difficulties in the development of social skills, speech, repetitive behavior, and
non-verbal communication. Children suffering from this disorder have problems while
constructing a plausible speech. Some words do not come out clearly, and the child may be
unable to pronounce world entirely depending on the level of effects. Their weak social skills can
identify such kids (Carl, 2015). There is a high-level inability to socialize. As such, these
children in most cases are felt lonely and prefer to spend more of their time alone.
The use of non-verbal communication may be affected. These include expressing their
emotions through facial expressions as well as the use of gestures-complemented speech.
Additionally, there is a high tendency of repetition while speaking. Autistic children will always
show difficulties while communicating because of more repeated words (Carl, 2015). Therefore,
there is a high likelihood of having a weak communication ability.
People suffering from this disorder have unique strengths and differences. As such, there
is a wide range of autism conditions. A child can have one condition or a combination depending
on its genetic composition (Carl, 2015). A child can portray difficulties in social skills and
communication at the same time. When this happens, the child will always be alone, and when

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