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MKGT 410 CTU International Marketing Competitive Analysis in China PPT

MKTG 410

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Question Description

8–10 PowerPoint with 100–150 slide notes plus a title, introduction, and reference slide

As a follow-up to the information presented last week, the board of directors is asking for another brief presentation to help assess the economic, political, and legal environments of your selected country. The economy, along with political and legal issues, affect the viability of doing business in this particular country. While these are uncontrollable environmental variables, understanding these issues and how they impact the marketing plan is essential.

Develop a brief presentation assessing the economic, legal, and political environments of your country.

Environmental Factors

  • Slide 1: Briefly describe the country’s history and its relevance to its current political, economic, and legal environment.
  • Slide 2: Describe the country’s government and any recent political developments that could affect doing business in this country.
  • Slide 3: Analyze the government’s activities regarding foreign investment in the country.
  • Slide 4: Identify any potential formal trade barriers that can affect your marketing strategy.
  • Slide 5: Identify any legal activities related to this country that can affect your business operations there.
  • Slide 6: Analyze any government, finance, and tax considerations that affect doing business in this particular country.
  • Slide 7/8: Evaluate the targeted country’s technological infrastructure and how this will impact your ability to promote, price, and distribute your product as efficiently and effectively as possible.
  • Slide 8/9: Explain and justify the demand for your product in this country and why you believe it will turn a profit for the company.
  • Slide 9/10: Write a final conclusion about why this country is the best choice for promoting your company’s product based on external factors related to the country’s economic, political, and legal infrastructure.

Unformatted Attachment Preview

INTERNATIONAL MARKETING PROPOSAL CULTURAL AUDIT CULTURAL FACTORS COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS IN CHINA Susan Hemme James E Henry MKTG410-1801A-02 1/10/2018 COUNTRY HISTORY-CHINA  China is a Unitary Sovereign state in Asia  It is the worlds most populous country with an approximate 1.5Bilion people.  China emerged as the earliest civilized state  Political system is democratic  Has the world largest army  Economy is one of the worlds fastest growing (Yearbook, 2015). CUSTOMER DEMOGRAPHIC TRENDS  Approximate 1.5Billion people  China recognizes 56 distinct ethnic groups  70% speak Mandarin  Improved education system  Most healthcare in china is privatized  Freedom of religion is guaranteed  50% of urban population and has over 160 cities and 262 million migrant workers (Cui, 2014). CUSTOMER AND TRADITIONS  Obedience to the state culture  Literature  Cuisine influence in the country LANGUAGE ISSUES  70% of Chinese people speak Mandarin  Less than 20% understand English (Yearbook, 2015). CULTURAL ISSUES  May fourth Movement people  Reformist ideals  Communist rule  Confucian system of education GEOGRAPHIC ASSESSMENT  Political geography  Landscape and climate  Biodiversity  Environmental issues (Wang, 2011). COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS  SWOT Analysis  Strength  Weakness  Opportunities  Threats MARKETING  Product  Place  Price  Promotion (Cavusgil, 2014). CONCLUSION  Country History  Customer Background  Demography trends  Language issues  Geographic changes  SWOT Analysis  Marketing REFERENCES  Yearbook, C. S. (2015). China statistics press. Beijing, China.  Wang, L., Lu, W., & Malhotra, N. K. (2011). Demographics, attitude, personality and credit card features correlate with credit card debt: A view from China. Journal of economic psychology, 32(1), 179-193.  Cui, G., & Liu, Q. (2014). Emerging market segments in a transitional economy: a study of urban consumers in China. Journal of International Marketing, 9(1), 84106.  Hill, T., & Westbrook, R. (2017). SWOT analysis: it's time for a product recall. Long range planning, 30(1), 46-52.  Cavusgil, S. T., & Zou, S. (2014). Marketing strategy-performance relationship: an investigation of the empirical link in export market ventures. The Journal of Marketing, 1-21. ...
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On legal history, the establishment of the Chinese Soviet Republic brought about the current law tracking back
to the 1930s. The rule of law replaced the rule of men in the 1980s.

Investment accounted for approximately 25% of the GNP in 1979, (Morrison, 2013)

China ceded Hong Kong to Great Britain after their first defeat by a western country in the opium war. China
signed unequal treaties.

Business relationships in china are built formally based on familiar companies.

The most valuable interstate behaviors, according to China are responsibility, mutual respect and deference,

The political environment seeks to emulate Western practices as part of a historical proclivity for a stronger

The economy is currently more open to global markets than it is open to local markets.


The Chinese government is in four divisions namely, the legislative, the judiciary, the executive and the

The form of government is a communist state known as the People’s Republic.

The government structure forms a pyramid ranging from local units to the national government in Beijing.

China has restrictive policies for the internet which would affect innovation and entrepreneurship in the long

Government laws have contributed to the increase in FDI inflow by building business confidence .


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