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riordanwk2.docxRiordanwk4.xlsxCreate a performance reporting presentation for the Riordan Manufacturing Go Green campaign 1.Write a brief opening statement, for your Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, in which you reiterate project deliverables and communicate changes. Emphasize the benefits of the project and the value of the stakeholders’ and management’s patience and support. 2.Elaborate on your Microsoft Project® schedule model created on the previous assignments and add the appropriate details to track the budget, schedule, and milestone completion of the project. Create a Microsoft® Project Visual Report (Excel spreadsheet or Visio diagram) in which you track the budget, schedule, and milestone completion of the Riordan Manufacturing Go Green campaign project. Submit a copy of the Microsoft® Project file and any Microsoft Excel® spreadsheets or Microsoft Visio® diagrams. 3.Combine the opening statement and project performance reporting information into a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation suitable for use as a performance report for stakeholders and management to show the progress of the budget, schedule, and milestone completion of the project. Include the following items in an appendix to the presentation: a project scope statement, a WBS, a project organization chart, a communication plan matrix, and a change management flowchart. 4.Explain in a 500 - 700 word paper, the importance of the project leader’s attitude and leadership in reporting progress to stakeholders and senior management. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.Submit this separately from the performance report.

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