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You are a legal assistant for the attorney of the ABCD company. For this assignment you must conduct research and find three (3) court opinions (i.e. cases that have been previously decided by the court) that are precedent (i.e. have similar facts and issues of law) to the case below. To receive credit for this assignment, you must provide the case title and citation of each of the three (3) cases you find.

The Church of Narnia vs. ABCD Company: Six months ago the CEO for ABCD Company sent a letter to the Bishop for the Church of Narnia pledging a $5,000,000.00 donation to the Church. Upon receipt of this news, the Bishop contacted ABCD’s CEO who re-assured the Bishop that the Church would be receiving a check for this amount within the ensuing four to six weeks. The Bishop, who for several years badly wanted to expand the Church in order to increase its congregation, immediately hired an architect and paid him $200,000.00 to design the new ambitious project. The Bishop was in love with the architect’s design, so he quickly hired a general contractor for $1,000,000.00 to start the building process. In addition to the $1,000,000.00 for the labor, the Bishop paid another 3,000,000.00 for the tools and materials needed for the project. On week five after receiving the letter and first speaking to ABCD’s CEO on the phone, the bishop called ABCD because he was nervous about the fact that he had not received the check and he had already incurred such significant expenses. Note that the only reason the Bishop engaged in this ambitious construction project was because of the extra money he was counting on getting from ABCD since the Church’s structure did not need it to continue its regular operations. The CEO at that point told the Bishop that soon after committing to donate the money, ABCD’s finances started going terribly wrong and as such at this point they were not able to make a donation to the church. The Bishop is now demanding that ABCD still true to its word and give the church the donation.

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Church of Narnia vs. ABCD Company
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The case of Church of Narnia vs. ABCD Company involves a charitable pledge in
which ABCD Company promised to donate the Narnia church in for a pledge to be
enforceable it must meet the threshold of a legally binding contract. The donor must agree in
writing or orally to make a gift, and the charity must promise to accept it. Additionally,
pledges work on the ‘principle of estoppels’ or ‘detrimental reliance’ in which case the charity
solicits money funds, incurs costs, enter in contract or borrow money based on expectations
the donor will honor his pledge. However, the donor may apply ‘statute for fraud’ as defense
to avoid enforcement based on oral promises. Other than adopting gift acceptance to cover
receipt of pledges and their possible enforcement, the following factors are discussed: whether
the promise was made in writing and whether the terms of the pledge were clear and
unambiguous. Next is the ability of the donor t...

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