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Fix for Custom Email Script

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Hi there. My aim to have a user complete a questionnaire online and for the input to be emailed as a PDF attachment to us. I have found a perfect script:


I uploaded this to a hosting account I have running PHP 5.3.25 and it worked perfectly. However I also uploaded it to the required account that has PHP 5.4.11 and it comes back with the standard error on completing - see below:


I am pretty sure it must be a PHP 5.4 problem with the code but cant get hold of the creator to look into this. Looking at the code from the link above does anything obvious spring to mind?

AM really keen to sort this today if possible.

Thanks Chris

Mar 23rd, 2018
i can try and do it for u
Jun 3rd, 2013
Hi there that would be great not sure how this site works to be honest what is the next step. It is some server specific  issue as the package uploads and works fine on the other server I have access to. So it could be a difference in PHP version and the coding or perhaps another server setting maybe. The link above provides access to a web page that allows you to download all the files and then to upload to your server to test. I can run tests for you on our server or perhaps provide ftp access to test?
Jun 4th, 2013
I am pretty sure now that it is the Swiftmailer part that isnt working that SMTP on the server requires a username and password in order to function. Seemingly in swiftmailer you can pass a username and password but it needs coded in. The hosting package it works on must have a less secure SMTP setup on there I think. Any other ideas though be welcome.
Jun 6th, 2013

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Mar 23rd, 2018
Mar 23rd, 2018
Mar 24th, 2018
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