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I need a short proposal about examining the determinants of unemployment generally. You can use the yearly average unemployment rate for all 50 states of US over an eight-year period. From 2012 to 2019.That’s four hundred observations. You can have inflation, interest rate, state specific immigration flows, and some other factors you can think up on the RHS of the equation. And it should be run in multiple linear regression, data could be census or where ever it could be selected. Need a healthy explanation of the topic: your proposed Y and X's, expected empirical relationships, and the central idea of your study.  And the data resources where it be selected.  

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Research Proposal on Examining the Determinants of Unemployment

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Research Proposal on Examining the Determinants of Unemployment
Unemployment has been a critical problem in the United States of America in the
previous decade. This problem has been brought about by factors that have affected job creation.
These factors are primarily advanced education, automation, demographics, universal
competition, and aggregate demand. These factors have gradually affected the United States of
America’s economic growth stagnation. Therefore this study will examine these factors to
identify the fundamental causal factors of unemployment in the 50 states of the United States of
America from the year 2012 to 2019.
Context of the Research
The circumstances arising from conducting this study were small and big businesses’
consistent failure to maintain themselves over the decade. Most businesses shut down, while
others scaled down by reducing the number of outlets, employees, and goods or service
production. The resultant effect of business entities shutting or scaling down due to losses is the
rise in the unemployment rate, inflation, interest rates on loans/ mortgages, uncontrolled
immigration flows, and precarious balance of payments. The 50 st...

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