Lab 2: Modifying a Database Design in Visio

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May 24th, 2015

Microsoft Visio Lab Manual

We will practice using MS-Visio to produce the following two related DFDs from our textbook.

  • Data flow diagrams are in the Software category of diagrams (see File-New-Software)
  • Set Zoom at about 75-100% to see symbols at a reasonable size
  • Use File-Save As to save the diagram someplace you can access it later; save regularly
  • Context diagram is called “top-level” (see Top Process page)
  • Each successive process explosion is called a “detail” diagram (You will insert pages)
  • Use the Text tool to label and title the diagram
  • Use the Pointer tool to re-position the title and select, move, resize various elements
  • Place the system process on the context diagram (drag Process symbol; double click it)
  • So, at this point your diagram should look roughly like the one below:

  • You can resize and move the process as you wish
  • What if you wanted to number the process?  (Double click on process, position cursor at beginning of text, type number, e.g., 1.0, and press enter)
  • Now, place the external entities on the diagram (what does Visio call an external entity?)
  • Now, your diagram should look roughly like the following:

  • Now, place the data flows on the diagram (double click to label), and you roughly get:

  • Connect end of data flow to a process by dragging it into process until it turns red; if connected, both data flow ends should be red when you click on the data flow
  • Do you know how to move the data flow labels?  (Right-click on the data flow with the label you want to move and select Shape-Rotate Text; do that several times.)
  • Can you move the data flow lines, if you wanted to?  (Try moving other symbols.  If you learn how to control placement of data flows where you really want them, let me know!)
  • Now, create a New Detail page (level-0 diagram) for the Food Ordering System
    • First select and copy all the data flows and external entities connected to the Food Ordering System (Try Edit-Select All; right click and Copy Drawing; ctrl-left click on symbol of interest, repeat)
    • Then insert the new page (start with Insert-New Page), give it the name of the process you are exploding, place/modify the label on the page, and paste/keep the data flows and external entities copied from the context diagram; if you copied the process being exploded, delete it; make room for the sub-processes; you should have a diagram something similar to this:

·  Place processes 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 on the diagram and reconnect all the existing data flows you can with these processes, and create the two new data flows from 1.0 to processes 2.0 and 3.0.

·  See if you can get your diagram to look like the following one (you will likely have to move some shapes to do so)

·  Now, place the data stores on the diagram and connect them with the existing processes, then add process 4.0, the remaining data flows, and finally make the final reconnections of unconnected data flows

·  You should then end up with the following diagram:

  • So, what would we do about a repository where the metadata for all the diagram elements are stored?  (Try Tools-Reports and explore what can be done.  Consider creating an Excel file with all the shape names in your diagrams and using that to help create a repository in Excel or Word.)
  • How would you include diagrams in a report or slide show?  (Try Right click-Copy Drawing on a page, go into Word document or PowerPoint slide show and Edit-Paste or Paste Special; repeat for each page you want to include)

May 24th, 2015

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May 24th, 2015
May 24th, 2015
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