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this is a nursing assignment, use as reference the movie "Outbreak".

FOR NURSING SCHOOL. related to community health.

Apa style. 5 references less than 5 years.

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Outbreak “The Motaba Virus”

The Outbreak is a film about a lethal virus that spreads and exterminates a significant
number of citizens in Africa and the USA. This film is centered on a microscopic bug which
liquefies the internal organs of human beings and kills them within 24 hours after entering their
bloodstream. Doctors descended to a remote place in Africa 30 years ago where a deadly virus
had decimated villagers. In 1967 a virus named Motaba was discovered in the jungle of Zaire by
the USA army. Two army officers decided to maintain the virus and use it in future as a weapon
by taking samples from the victims who were dying and later destroyed the camp where the virus
was formed. The virus then resurfaced in Zaire thirty years later where it killed an entire village
causing one hundred percent mortality rate.
Dr. Hoffman, an army epidemiologist, is sent to Africa to do an investigation on the
outbreak and the mysteries involving the hemorrhagic fever. Fatal diseases are lurking in the
deadly jungles, and if the virus gets a chance to enter the human bloodstream after escaping the
forests, then the new plague will be something that has never been seen by humans before. On
his return back to the USA, the doctor warns that the virus is beyond what they previously
thought. On the contrary, his boss knows about the virus because it is a secret they are trying to
keep. The USA army was responsible for the creation of the Motaba virus, to act as a form of
defense. They resolve to incinerate the whole village with a bomb since the doctors have no
information about the genesis of the virus.
Jimbo an employee at the animal- holding facility bribes a security guard to allow him
leave with a white -headed capuchin monkey to Cedar Creek California. The young monkey was
taken out of the facility illegally and imported to the USA without prior knowledge that it carried



the virus. Jimbo is not successful as he attempts to retail the monkey to his friend Alvarez. The
monkey scratches Alvarez in the process and infects him with the virus. The capuchin monkey
also shares a banana with another primate and infects it with the virus. The monkey is finally
released into the California woodland. The virus spreads uncontrollably as people are diseaseridden from the airport, hospitals and in their residents as the virus is air-bone. At the Cedar
Creek hospital, while technicians are running tests on victim’s blood, a vial is accidentally
broken thereby spilling the contents infecting the technicians. The virus symptoms include

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