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1. Use the "Six Thinking Hats" theory to analyze at least one students' posts and identify which color "hat" they used to analyze the issue.

2. Discuss whether your thought process was similar or different, complementary or conflicting.

That the post I choose and she is my team made, we are in the same team, her name is Sarah. and she talk about me "Amy" How we work together and we make a perfect team. and how we come up with conclusion. use this six hats theory website.

Operational Hours

Pros and Cons

Pros to having 8-5 hours

  • The team is in place for the same amount of time providing care to patients, each day
  • There would be no confusion as to why the medical care is not being provided on Friday afternoons.
  • It would be light out for the entire time the team is providing care, in case they have to work without power this would be less of an issue.

Cons to having 8-5 hours

  • Patients may not be able to make it to the team to receive care during these hours
  • Fewer patients can be seen if we stop at 5

Pros to having longer shifts 4 days a week

  • More patients can be seen in one day
  • Team will have free time on Fridays before it gets dark

Cons to having longer shifts 4 days a week

  • Some patients may not be able to make it until Friday afternoons, these hours leave no time to accommodate them

Team Selection and Resolutions

Amy and I went back and forth with the hours we thought would work best for our team mission group. We took into consideration that electricity may be an issue if it has not been fully restored while we are there. This made us want to utilize the day light as much as possible. We also realize that we are not there for that long, only 12 weeks. We want to make sure we can see and provide care for as many patients as possible. Thinking about the patients and their day to day lives we feel that starting early and finishing around dinner would be best. We also wanted to make sure that people who are working have the chance to see us if needed without missing work, so we want to be open on Saturdays as well. Since we are going as volunteers we do not need to follow the labor laws of 40 hours per week. We agreed that we will be open from 8am – 6pm Monday through Friday and 8am-3pm on Saturdays.

Colored Hats

In my opinion I think that I started with a white hat and got together all of the facts that led me to my decision. I thought about the people we are going to be helping and the best way to suit their needs without them being here to tell me what those needs are (Mind Tools Editorial Team, 2000). I then used the yellow hat to find justification of my ideas. I ended up with a blue hat to determine the final outcome of our decision (Mind Tools Editorial Team, 2000).

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Six Color Hats Theory
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Analyzing Student’s Post
The student used the blue hat theory at the start which enabled her to set her objectives,
evaluate where the group was going and define the route they were going to take. The group
started by evaluating the hours and agreeing with the best time to work which would suit the
mission of the team. This shows the use of the blue hat theory where before embarking on their
mission they decided to go through the hours and choose the most appropriate working hours
that would fit with their mission. This is defining the route which they would take.
The team th...

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