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Short Answer (15 points each, 30 points total): Respond to the following prompts in one fully developed paragraph (approximately 6-8 sentences).

1. Toni Morrison equates female freedom with sexual freedom, especially when it’s examined through the lens of economic freedom. In her novel, Sula, Hannah, Eva, and Nel make sexual and economic decisions that are constrained by their race and gender. Select ONE of these characters and explain how the economic and sexual choices she makes in the novel are influenced by gender AND race.

2. What behaviors does Sula engage in that her neighbors find objectionable? How do the residents of Medallion change their behaviors in response to Sula’s return to town? What happens to these changes after Sula dies?

Essay (37 points): Respond to the following essay prompt. Answers should be 1 to 1 ½ pages (300-350

According to CJ Pascoe, what is the “fag discourse” and how does it operate? In your answer, you should define this term and describe how this discourse influences the behaviors of boys at River High. Explain who participates in it, when students engage in this type of talk, and what social norms it enforces. Use at least one specific example from the book. Your completed essay should be 1 to 1 ½ page typed and double spaced (approximately 300-350 words). Remember to cite your sources using MLA format: “citation” (author, pg#)

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The Meaning of The Fag Discourse
The “fag discourse” is a racialized and gendered homophobia that is central among Reality High
boys. The term fag or faggot is used as an insult to boys as it “literally reduces them to nothing”
(Pascoe). Fagot is an insult because it is like you are telling someone that they are meaningless.
Faggots were commonly gay people and they were disliked by society. Most boys are
homophobic according to Pascoe and thus homophobic insults such as fag were aimed at male
students and not at girls. Gendered homophobia has increased the fag discourse as male students
had a problem with gays and not lesbians. Lesbians were considered cool because of their place
in male fantasy. The word fag is uncommon among girls and prevalent among male students at
River High. Pascoe reports that male students use...

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