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Week 4 – After reading The Impact of New Media on Intercultural Communication in Global Context, think about the innovations in digital media that have changed the way we think, act, and live.

A) After reading under the categories in New Media and Globalization and The Impact of New Media on Intercultural Communication, apply critical thinking techniques to help Shan (2010) answer this question, “Is intercultural communication possible?” under the context of new media in global society.

B) Also, has digital media influenced music? What are your music habits and how do you listen to music and buy it? How have your habits changed in the way you access and buy music?

C) After watching "Michael Lockrey: Citizen Journalism and the Democratisation of News Coverage" provide an example of how citizen journalism has been effective. Explain how it was effective and explain how citizen journalism can also be problematic.

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(A) With the emergence of latest means of communication and transportation, intercultural
communication reworked its properties into a greenhorn context mentioned as new media.
Arguably, many students declared that this new reasonably media has accelerated the process,
and through this, it'd inevitably lead cultural mix. Alan Dershowitz known statement “Internet is
attentive to no borders” came to understand itself. Significantly with the social media national
borders are overcome by individuals, and distant communication is created accomplishable. Two
people from distant countries with distinct cultures are presently ready to share a set of meaning.
Intercultural communication is examined through media context. I’m disceptation that the
intercultural communication is presently accessible on a private level still, what's additional, the
existence of intercultural communication is most intensely gift on a private level.

(B) No one would dispute ...

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